Drivel Thread 1.0


Western in Bellingham. But she doesn’t know what she wants to do so she’s talking the jr college pipeline until then. I’m very lucky that she’s sensible.


:man_dancing: :vulcan_salute:


And a smart move financially. I’m a UW grad, same as my grandfather, almost 70 years apart.


Out of respect for the fallen in Atlanta, President Biden has ordered all Rub & Tug boners be kept at half mast.


Fun fact, I actually went to school with the Home Stallone meme and now he’s a MAGA fan who’ll do things like defend putting kids in cages at the border. This asshole once assassinated my Giga pet with a BB gun. Boys will be boys.





That’s fantastic. Hope it’s in Texas.


Looks like tag is North Carolina, which is a state full of Christian billboards and Trumpers.


Just as good. You’ve got to have a lot of nerve to do that. I know a woman who was run off the road by a guy (in a truck of course) because she had a Bernie sticker on her car. In Washington.


Present company excluded, of course.


This, of course just makes mine seem even more enormous.


Fossil fuel energy is cancelling big dick energy.

This could be a campaign slogan, “My friends, my GOP opponent, who is staunchly opposed to renewables, wants to shrink your child’s penis.”

I heard Rachel Carlson’s new book is called “Silent Ding(a ling).”


Tiny hands = tiny dick.


i can attest to this equation.



In for a dick joke.


While on its face this seems like an actual solution to climate change (less reproduction -> less polution), small dick compensation large truck sales are going to skyrocket.


That’s also a solution for reducing overpopulation.