Drivel Thread 1.0


Okay, that’s the second time you’ve been advertising the length of your penis.


i got my truck!!!


Clap those tiny hands Balvert!




So my friend John that moved to Quebec bought some property with a Sugar Shack on it. He’s now been starting to put this into production again. Making maple syrup sounds interesting.

Photo by John Kochmanski

his blog post



I am safely back in Louisville!
Going today for a COVID test to determine if I can go back to work on Monday or have to work from home.

Starting on Monday the state of KY is vaccinating 40 and over!! So excited.


I finally took a minute to write a review on our toilet. (Caps are Home Depot’s not mine.)

Delta Foundations 2-piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush Elongated Toilet in White


We bought this set-up from Home Depot in July of 2020 when we put in a new basement bathroom. We had figured that going middle of the road price wise on this model was a smart choice, but frankly it would be hard to conceive that the landlord’s delight entry level model could be worse than this. You don’t want to even consider this toilet if anyone in your house is under 6 ft tall. You can turn the water level up on this toilet, but the water well even at max capacity is at the absolute rear of the bowl and no more than a tea saucer’s circumference. If you have children, they will basically be four inches above the exposed bowl and the purported flush speed is a complete act of fiction. We started leaving a 1.5 gallon plastic jug next to the toilet to wash down and it usually takes three pours to manage it. This is a tall model with a very long bench, there is literally no way a six year old could sit on this properly, and I can’t even manage it as a short adult, it’s literally like going on a dinner plate. The water level is also maintained by an automatic draining system, so you cannot fill it with more water and vinegar for soaking or cleaning, it’s the tiny tiny water reserve and that’s it. This was, hands down, the worst investment in our home that we ever made. Do not buy this model.


Negative Covid test!!!

Pretty easy and got results in 30 minutes.


I kept waiting for it to break into a soft porno…


Two bits I like:


Having never gone on a dinner plate, I would have no point of reference.


I like that both are food and drink related.

Sunrise, sunset.


Do you guys remember that Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page pedophile revenge movie, Hard Candy? You know at the end where he’s all fucked up and pathetically dragging himself on the floor with a scalpel limply held in his hand? That’s pretty much what it’s like living with my son right now. He is dragging himself from room to room very theatrically. Stalking everyone at a glacial and ineffectual pace.


is ignoring the best option? or can you sit him down and tell him that behavior is passive-aggressive bullshit is no way to communicate with anyone…let alone family members.


Lol, he is 8 months old.


We have our big ultrasound tomorrow, we’ll get to find out the gender of the baby. :slight_smile: Halfway done with being pregnant for the last time. I’ve been essentially pregnant since October of 2019 and can’t wait to start my career as a highly functioning alcoholic this fall.


Holy shit, I’ve had a second career going for a while now that I didn’t even know about.

Good luck with your ultrasound, SAF.


have you considered water boarding?


I knit a tiny sweater today, and now it’s wet blocking.