Drivel Thread 1.0


I’m having another son!


yay congrats!


Great news!

My 2-year-old grandson is something else… especially after raising two daughters.


Well played Mr. Grisman.


You need this.




(He looks like the inventor of the Jump To Conclusions Mat)



Also, frog on my door. :frog:


This reminds me of…

RYAN ADAMS has elaborated on his war with “Little Girl JACK WHITE”, calling him a “fucking ponce” and insisting he turned down the role WHITE took in the forthcoming American civil war pic ‘COLD MOUNTAIN’.
The supremo wanted to know if White had answered his earlier jibes delivered in the NME. Adams says the two fell out when White became precious after hearing Adams had changed some of the lyrics of White Stripes songs he was covering in concert.
“Did Little girl White talk back?”, he asked. "What a fucking movie star. I don’t have a problem with him - he started it. I know that’s what you say in school. But what’s he doing on the Internet seeing what’s being said saying ‘I see you changed my lyrics’, Fucking ponce."
Hitting his stride, Adams added: "I mean, shit - I get to shop at 40 or 50 more stores for clothes than that guy does. Think of the limitations. Just buy him a gallon of red paint. I don’t fucking get it. Whatever…
"I don’t really have a problem with him. Good luck to him in Romania. It’s supposed to be freezing. He must be hating it. You know they asked me if I wanted that movie role and I turned it down. Anthony Minghella asked me first.
"I was up for the part first and I turned it down. You know why? Because I didn’t see acting anywhere on my job application to be a rock fucking star, you know. It’s true. That’s fucking fact."
He added: “I turned it down because we were touring anyway. I was wanting to tour and do this acoustic thing. And they said ‘Well you can come to Romania and we’ll pay you anyway and you can have three or four lines and you get to play a banjo made out of a pumpkin.’ I’m like ‘fuck you man’. I make that money in two gigs. Put it this way - it didn’t seem specifically that much to me. And it’s three fucking lines. Three lines in a two-and-a-half hour film. I’d rather get a gun and blow my eyeball out. And you got to go freeze your ass off. You do get to hang out with Nicole Kidman, which isn’t bad. But its not like she’d be going - so tell me about your life. She’s fucking Nicole Kidman.”


The whole time I was reading that I was wondering when it was going to mention something about frogs, wondering why that post reminded you of that quote.


This sounds like one long Trump rant.


Yeah I can’t believe I read the whole thing. What a bitch.


ugh. it actually sounds like the petulant fuck face ryan adams.




Maybe he and Ry-Ry can start a band.