Drivel Thread 1.0


Who? 4601


I’m reading “The Spider” right now. Mar-a-Lago is basically a character in the Epstein case.


Walking the boy through his first shave. I’m glad I got to do this one. It makes up for some firsts that I didn’t get. My heart is full.


Someone surprised me with Ramps at work today. She picks them in WV in the spring and brings them back and freezes them.


You’re son is old enough to shave?!? I pictured him as a little kid. Man time flies. Mine graduated.


Yeah, he’s 14 and a little (5’11") punk and I love him more than anything else in the world.


one of my fave memories was the first time my eldest nephew shaved…pretty frickin cool this whole “full circle” thing


I have poison ivy around my eye. Cut bamboo for tomato stakes two nights ago and apparently rubbed my eye after contact with the 3 leafed buggar. I have a strong desire to rub it, and each rub makes it worse.

That’s your daily random, you’re welcome.


Oh, wow! I am so sorry this happened to you

and not Balv. :frowning:


Did you take him to ShaverTown?


Well, Dollar Shaver Club Town.


My niece graduated high school also, and will be going to UMBC, where I went to college. On my recent trip to Maryland I took her to campus and showed her all I could.

UMBC’s recent claim to fame is they were a 16 seed in the NCAA tournament and knocked off #1 Virginia in the first round.

What a wonderful day it was!


I’ve taken up needle felting and am working on this exotic shorthair in 1/3 scale. It’s not done yet but it’s coming along.


That’s cool. Is it a tedious process?



I think I have to say yes because of the sheer amount of hours I have into it, but it’s actually such a bizarrely satisfying hobby that you don’t even notice. It’s… crunchy? You’re stabbing wool with a barbed needle over and over and you get instant results from it. Here are some early shots of the project…


And here was refining the face…


You’ve got skills.

Nice job, it’s not easy and very time consuming I am told.

My friend felted a lemur for his wife that was over a foot tall, took him forever.


Thanks for that pic, Balv. It’ll come in handy the next time I get the word hermaphrodite when playing Pictionary.


You are very talented.