Drivel Thread 1.0


My friend did this felted doll of his dad.Sorry if I have already shared this, I think it turned out great.


Happy 4th! :sparkler:


Happy 4th also!! I got a nice London Broil to do up later this afternoon.


Happy 4th!

We’re staying home. We may walk down to our neighborhood park to watch fireworks :fireworks: tonight… but it’s really hot out. My dog also gets so scared I may just want to stay with him. Poor guy.


Whole damn family goin out on the pontoon to watch fireworks. Both grandkids napping now, saving their energy for swimming and tonight.


Who has Spotify and would be willing to create a playlist of songs that we all contribute to?

Steve’s board did one and it’s huge and we listen to it all the time when we sit outside.

I would love to participate in something similar with you guys. Like, no duds, just songs that you’d consider perfect songs, like the best stuff you know.

Any interest? Would start a new thread if so.


I love this idea.

I can start it up right now if you’d like?



Let’s start a new thread. How many songs do you want people to contribute to start?

Are live versions on Spotify if we have specific live versions of songs?


Or do I create a Spotify account and can add to it myself?

That would be more fun to just add to it rather than have people see all the songs posted here beforehand.


Google said you can make your Spotify playlist collaborative and we can go in and make changes, add songs.


I still have over a month to go. :grimacing:



Here ya go!


Cool! Just added a song by Better Oblivion Community Center.


I love playlists, but hate Spotify.

I deleted that shit off my devices about 5 years ago.


I don’t do any of the online streaming stuff. So I’m out. Cool idea though.


Over a month to go for what? j/k Congrats!!


Dang girl!
Lay off the beer!!!

They say great beer bellies are made, not born.


I can’t even cross my legs anymore. :frowning:


Kinda seems like you might want to start tho.