Drivel Thread 1.0


AHAHAHAHA, he was planned and my husband is getting a vasectomy later this month which reminds me… @thebalvenie @nick Do you have any advice for a quick recovery or talking points for what you would have done differently? Anyone else, chime in, but I could remember you two for sure had gotten it done…


This was basically my weekend.


You look great!


Ice ice ice

I didn’t ice and I paid the price

Swollen balls
I thought Advil and Gatorade and roughing it out I’d be fine

The ice on the nuts is tough but not as bad as without it


Tell hubby to go ahead and get a sack job while they’re down there. You’ll love it when he’s high and tight like a 12 year old.


I’ve never gotten a vasectomy, but my divorce was conducted in the same spirit.


Take it easy! I didn’t and ended up with a blood clot. It sucked. It felt like the inserted an extra testicle. Like Balv says, ice is key too.


Added some Bela and some Calaheen Morrison & Eli West. :hugs: fun

Thanks for doing this balv.



just need LB to do it now!

spotify ain’t the best but it’s pretty good :slight_smile:


28 LB songs added! :slightly_smiling_face:

Catch up!


Those of you who don’t want to go on Spotify can still contribute songs for the playlist.

I’d like to know what you’d want added and I’m happy to find the songs on Spotify and add them.


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I started a new sweater. Tonight I moved from the back to the right front panel. This one is cabled, but since it’s just a 1x1 honeycomb cable, I can work without a cable needle, just slipping the stitches around on my working needles.


Y’all don’t like my music.


give us some tunes for the playlist yo!


If you see these out and like cereal milk or milkshakes or both, this is absolute perfection. It’s even gorgeous to look at out of the wrapper. 10/10, literally went back and bought more.


I did see those somewhere…I’ll have to grab some next time I’m shopping.


@inky @thebalvenie

Visiting friends soon, they have a 15 year old daughter who I have known since she was little. Seems like a normal kinda kid. I want to bring a book as a gift, one that is ‘literary’ (rather than YA) to open the door to the joy of reading as an adult rather than a student.

Any recommendations or ideas? I know both of you have recent experience with the teen girl creatures and may have some suggestions. I want something that is engaging but not overly adult themed, like sex/drugs/anarchy etc. unless that is commonplace for 15 year olds to read and I just don’t know.

I thought something like 100 Years of Solitude or some such flapperjapper.


I will always, ALWAYS recommend The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway. It’s short but great. If any book kept me remotely close to a path of looking inward, this was the one.


I need to ask my girl but she’s in NY with her boyfriend. She was reading American Psycho but she’s 18.