Drivel Thread 1.0


Not much better than acquiring something you’ll have your whole life. <3


On a tangential note, is there any significance to the Hudson Bay 4 point blanket in your profile background? Always found them interesting.


It’s just one of those extremely niche interests I have. I saw one somewhere once and it caught my imagination as a wool nut so I did all kinds of research on the history of the Hudson Bay Company. The points were to tell traders the size of the blanket so that they didn’t have to unfold it to know what it was worth. The Hudson Bay Co. as it exists now is kind of like a high-end Macy’s, and they don’t ship to the US, so a lot of their branded stuff is hard to get here. I have a really nice Victorinox Huntsman with the HBC stripes on it, definitely something I’ll have my whole life. :slight_smile:

Basically it’s just a marriage of my fascination with heirloom pieces in general, wool, anthropology, collectables, and color theory.


Gone Crocodile On Him! NSFW


That’s a beautiful photo of the two of them, inky! Wow! She’s all grown up now! :heart:
(and she looks just like you! :sunglasses: )


uv!! 🥰 So great to see you here. I hope all is well.
How cool! :heart_eyes:


Hi inky! :wave: Yes, it’s been a while! Hope all is good with you & the family!
I’m good, thanks! I’m back in Japan for good, just hanging out, taking pictures and enjoying life.
I’ve been chosen by two cats, a boy and a girl, to be their human. :smiley_cat: :smirk_cat:
It turns out that both are immunocompromised. One has feline aids and the other feline leukemia and they’re outdoor cats so I try to look out for them the best that I can.
I’ve posted photos of them before when they were strays but here they are again:

Goose & Max



(I brought our conversation here because I didn’t want to hijack that wonderful RA thread that you guys have going there :wink: )

What?! No way! We should have met up! I live in Ibaraki now.
You could have explained particle physics to me over some beers and yakitori! :beers:

What was your work here and where in Ibaraki did you visit?


I noticed the small nick in Gooses ear.

Yesterday my daughter and her husband were fishing off our pontoon boat and he hooked her in the ear with a cast. The hook was buried all the way into her outer ear, up near the top. She said it didn’t hurt and she couldn’t pull it out, so she left it in. Her husband offered to rip it out and she refused saying “I don’t want to look like some nicked up alley cat.”

I guess she got it out this morning with making a slight cut for the barb to come out. She refused to go to prompt care.

PS: Having said that, your Goose is beautiful just the way she is.


Just to be clear, I did not put little Nick in the cat’s ear.


That’s called ear tipping. It’s a universal way to identify cats that have been spayed/neutered.
Goose’s was a v-cut but it turned into a u-cut because it didn’t heal properly! :laughing:

ear tipping information

Ouch! I hope your daughter and her ear were ok!


I care for the feral cats that live around where I work. It’s at the base of a mountain & there’s a lot of space & natural shelter in the crevices of large stone walls that surround the property. Anyhow…all of my babies have the ear markings. Me & my friend Judi made sure that they’re all fixed & got their shots. We haven’t had any kittens show up since 2015. Here’s the three kittens. They just turned six this spring. Well, they’re not kittens anymore obviously. They’re my buddies though.


That’s fantastic! I see they have their winter coats, all nice and fluffy!

I do the same with my neighbor although she looks after more of them than me. They are all fixed and vaccinated just like Goose and Max.
She has eight at the moment and they live around her house. I help her feed them.
She has a new black kitten that’s shown up and our mission at the moment is to trap it so we can get it fixed.

There’s a house up the road that has black, ginger and white cats. The owner hasn’t gotten them fixed so they just keep having more babies and then they roam and end up at my neighbor’s house because there’s always food there! We think Goose and this new black one and a few others have come from there…


We used to feed a cat at our old apartment that had his ear clipped like that too.

I named him Wally bc he had a walrus looking face.

Another neighbor took him to his parents farm to live and I bet he’s happier now. :heartpulse:


Ah damn! That would’ve been fun! Sorry I didn’t say anything!!

I was at KEK, which I believe is in Scuba?

My group has a collaboration with people that work at KEK. We work on high-precision magnetic field measurements for an experiment called “Muon g-2”. There’s an experiment here in Chicago at Fermilab, and another (very different) one in Japan at JPARC. We both need to measure magnetic fields very precisely, so we have a working group on it.

Basically we measure how fast a particle called a muon rotates in a magnetic field. It’s calculated very precisely. If we measure a large enough deviation means there might be new physics we’ve yet to discover.

We published our first result recently (Fermilab), which just might hint at something new, it was all over the news in April:

Basically the hardware I built for the magnetic field is at the crux of the measurement.

Anyway, we were there to review our studies in a 2–3 day long meeting. My friends/coworkers and I then took a week to explore a bit.

We went out to a rather fancy restaurant when the meeting was over, I don’t remember the name, but it was clearly pretty high-class. We had shark fin (which was… weird). I most enjoyed the mushroom tea thing, that was pretty awesome.


Ahh, well, I’m up further north than Tsukuba so we couldn’t have met up but maybe next time, if you visit again, you and your team can come and explore my area. There’s a beautiful park here that’s famous for it’s field of baby-blue eyes flowers. It’s supposed to be a “must-see once, before you die” sort of thing. I’ve seen it twice already! :rofl:

How did you like Tokyo and Kyoto? Tokyo is my home city - I was born there and I lived there most of my life until 2008. I still have a great time when I visit, it’s always changing and there’s so much happening, it’s such an amazing city. Kyoto, I know is beautiful, but I haven’t been there since I was a child so I don’t know what it’s like now but I’m sure it’s still very traditional.

So, this sounds very cool and exciting! I couldn’t read the NYTimes article because I had to subscribe but I did find other articles pertaining to your “Muon g-2” experiment.
(Here’s one in case @thebalvenie wants to read it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
I hope you guys end up discovering something new!

And this is amazing! I had to google you when I read this and I’m very impressed! And now I know why you’re moving to Virginia. That’s a great photo of you in Kyoto, btw! :sunglasses:

I hope you had a great time here. I love it here, it’s such an interesting place to live. I hope you had some decent sushi while you were here…I’ve had shark’s fin in Chinese food but never in Japanese food and I don’t know what the mushroom tea thing is… :thinking: :laughing:


This is a good article on Patty Smith.


oh wow that park looks incredible! Wish I knew about it when we were planning our trip! I hope I’ll get to go back some day. Certainly we’ll have to coordinate next time I go out there :slight_smile:

Of course Tokyo and Kyoto were so different from one another; I enjoyed them both, of course Tokyo felt much more modern and fast paced. I really liked Kyoto the most (agreed, felt very traditional), it was really beautiful. We actually stayed in Osaka for that part of the trip (the octopus was really good, from the streetside vendors/shops!); I forget where exactly we stayed, but it was a super nice hotel and we were up on the 20th floor or something and had this incredible view out over the whole city (especially from the dining room over breakfast was incredible).

I feel like all the sushi I had was amazing. Oddly enough, I think my favorite was one of the fish markets in Tokyo – some off-the-main part little place that was like a “restaurant/bar” built into the alleyway. I still miss/dream about that toro tuna!

Glad you enjoyed the articles about my work! Yes – my new job in Virginia (Jefferson Lab) is focused on different physics, and I’ll be in charge of very different things (the electron beam line for one of the 4 experimental halls).


I’m really glad you liked Japan. I know most people really love it when they visit and want to come back again. It really is an amazing place and I love living here. I hope you can make it back here again and we will definitely meet up. :grin:
You’re really lucky you got to visit Osaka, too. That place is a completely different world compared to Tokyo, it’s wilder and the people are crazier, in a good way. :sunglasses: And of course, Japan’s largest yakuza organization is based there…

You guys went to the right place for sushi. You can get the best sushi at the fish market for such a reasonable price. And yes, that toro tuna is so good, I don’t think I can live without it!! :rofl:
The best time for it is of course, winter when it’s at it’s fattiest. :yum: I see you’ve got a glass of Asahi Super Dry, too! Looks nice and refreshing! :beers:

Good luck at Jefferson Labs! It sounds very exciting (and complicated, all that stuff you do in physics will just make my head explode!)! :exploding_head::joy:


I suppose it’s obvious, but it’s a totally different world there, and I love it. I’ve always wanted to visit, especially after Lost in Translation came out. One of my colleagues that works at KEK was trying to get me to apply for a job there. I have to say, it was tempting.

Yeah, I think my friends and I did a decent job of sampling the super nice expensive stuff and just random exploratory things. I had 2–3 days of work, and my friends and I took a week after to just explore around (Tokyo -> Osaka/Kyoto -> Tokyo).

One of my favorite days actually is when I spent a day in Tokyo, where a friend who works at KEK (she’s originally from the US, so an expat I suppose is the word?) came to see me, and we went to some park (of course I’m forgetting where now); after that I wandered around and found my way into a Yamaha guitar shop and hung out and played some of the rather expensive ones, and chatting with the workers.

I’m jealous you can have toro whenever you want :joy:

Thanks for the kind wishes! It’ll all feel real soon when I finally move to Virginia. Been working remotely for more than a year now.

Best wishes to you as well!