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7 members of my family (my brother, his wife and their kids and significant others) were struck by lightning on the beach on Sanibel Island. They had clear skies and a bolt hit just down the beach. My brother told his family they need to go in. As they were walking in, another bolt struck. My 26 year old niece starts screaming “I’ve been hit!” My niece and nephew got the worse of it. They were both knocked off their feet. Everyone took off running. Unfortunately, the couple 30 feet behind them took a more severe hit. EMTs had to use a defribulator on the husband. He wasn’t conscious when they left. They were both transported to the trauma unit of the local hospital. Their two small children weren’t injured, though. How fucking terrifying.


Holy crap. My grandfather, a Floridian, was struck by lightning. Burned a hole through the top of his straw hat. It is the state with most lightning strikes, simply because of the weather there.


That’s crazy. I hope there is no long term damage.


that’s insane! I hope everyone recovers.


Damn. That’s outrageous.

Hope everyone will be ok.


Insane. Hope they’re all okay.


Yikes, that sounds horrifying.


Thanks, everyone! Everyone is fine. I forgot to mention this- my nephew’s wife, who is 6 months pregnant, was also struck. That caused everyone to freak out even more.

The husband who was taken to the hospital still hasn’t regained consciousness.


Wow, that’s scary. So glad to hear that everyone was ok.


Just got word a bit earlier that the father that was hit died today. The mother is recovering. The kids, ages 5 and 2, are staying in the condo next to some of my family. Fucking scary


ugh that’s awful news Nick, I’m sorry to hear, that’s terrible.


My condolences Nick. Crazy and sad.


Today was my son’s first birthday.


Super awesome!! Is that carrot cake he’s munching on? I love carrot cake. Especially with walnuts.


It is carrot cake with raisins and walnuts, but it was just store bought…. I didn’t have time to bake today!


Happy Birthday! What a cutie! :heart_eyes:


Such a cutie!! Happy Birthday!! :tada:


He looks very happy!


Holy shit! This is worth the watch/listen.