Drivel Thread 1.0


Congratulations! Welcome to the world Milo!


You’re really getting good at it! Go go Milo!


That’s really great!! I only hope his last name isn’t Cyrus. That could be tough on the kid while growing up. It could be cool though too. Especially if he were to adapt an alter ego like Yuri Missouri or Chucky Kentucky or something. J/K. I’m damn sure the odds of his last name being Cyrus are quite fucking slim. Big congrats though!! Two sons now, right?


Congrats, @saf!!!


And my daughter!


Cool!! I didn’t know you had a daughter.


Congratulations! :heart:


I got a new baby today too:

We went to the KY Humane Society today and fell in love. She’s super calm.

We got her home and she’s currently hiding under the bed in her room. Hopefully she’ll come out tonight but I’m sure she’s scared.


She’s gorgeous, LB! What’s her name?
I think she looks kind of like Dutchie, what do you think?


We haven’t decided what her name should be.
Her name from the Humane Society is Crest.

She definitely does look like Dutchie. Could be why I gravitated to her. But she was so gentle and let me hold her and pet her and that’s why she was the right one. We met 8-9 cats today.


She looks like a real sweetheart. :heart_eyes:
Happy you guys found each other!


Welcome little one! :paw_prints::cat:


My new kitty made amazing progress for night one in an unfamiliar place. She hid for a few hours but came out several times and ventured into the other bedrooms. When I got up to go to bed she was actually up on the bed. She didn’t stay long but she’s getting comfortable.


I missed not having the students in town.


@saf How are you and the newborn doing? Hope all is going well.


Thanks for thinking of us! We’re doing great, a little hectic with the boys being so close in age, but I’m just about done with my couch boundness post delivery and actually got to get up and do some things around the house today.

The baby’s umbilical stub fell off so he had his first bath— not a fan. He’s just three ounces off from being back to his birthweight. Right now he is tied to me and puppy sleeping. Pretty agreeable fellow, he sleeps all the time even when his brother is shouting right next to him (rude).


Glad to hear everything is going swimmingly.


@saf Here ya go. Not only the worst song in the Husker Du catalog but maybe one of the most annoying songs ever. Without further ado

The Baby Song


I can’t figure out what to name my new kitty. :confused:


(Or Willow Jane ~)
As in NC :wink: