Drivel Thread 1.0


We have a customer named Willow. It’s a breast pump.

I like Penny. Just when I go to call her that it doesn’t seem like it’s her name.

I also like Peanut or Nugget, but she seems more girly than that.


Sylvia? she looks like a sylvie


Haakaa is a much better I-named-my-cat-after-a-breast-pump option, it snaps!

Just kidding (love my haakaa). We’re getting an exotic shorthair in 2022, I have a whole list of names but they’re all boy names. I’ll leave them here for you just in case they inspire you, though. :slight_smile:


piper stands out for me on this list


My daughter has a dog named Penny. Here’s her picture.

She’s a good girl.


my buddy has a labradoodle named penny


I had one of these as a kid, her name was Penny.





Or Grace or Lily.




I love you all for contributing:
Sylvia was my grandmother.
Piper is a Phish song and my friend’s daughter.
Gracie was my brother’s dog.
Lily and Harper seem too human for her but both cute.

It’s a struggle finding something we both like that isn’t already a human or animal we know.


Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman the Cat?


Tiger Lily




I’m going with Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman the Cat. It just rolls right off the tongue.


You have a customer named Willow who’s a breast pump?


It’s certainly an attractive career choice. I wish I’d thought of that.


Thank you! But what’s the collar situation with a name like that? It’d have to be huge. R Kelly’s girlfriends have smaller collars.


Shoot! I didn’t think that far ahead. Her collar will read DQMWTC. :cat2: