Drivel Thread 1.0


It’s not a singular person but a business.

We’re a distribution center. We warehouse the product and ship all their orders.

They’re not my customer. I focus on cereal and vibrators. :upside_down_face:


Don’t we all?


How ironic. Kellogg Corn Flakes were invented to stop masturbation.


How does that work? Push them down your urethra?


Those cereals?

Honey Bunches of Ooohs
Clit Chocula
Spankin’ Berry
Fap’n Crunch
Cream of Wheat


I love your creativity, but it is two different customers!!


Ha. Kellogg hated sex. He never even consummated his marriage. Kellogg thought flavorful foods caused sexual desire. So he set out to make boring food that made you not want to masturbate.


Oh’s! Is a real cereal I like.


Why have a name for your sexual wellness brand that conjures images of Bea Arthur?


Cause she’s sexy AF. :joy:


Cream of Wheat is my favorite bullet point on this list, so droll. :heart:


Accurate. Nothing sexier than irreverent wit. Or being loved by someone who hates all other human beings. Stan was a lucky man.


That’s my wife to a T.


Me too, tbh. That’s why I hang out here.


Mash it up!


The laugh’s on him. Pushing spicy food down your urethra would have worked better.


All this food talk is giving me a boner.

Touché, Kellogg, touché.


i love cream of wheat


Actually a friend of mine and I were discussing WK Kellogg the other day. He went to school at Cal Poly Pomona and he was telling me about the campus and how all the land was donated by Kellogg. He also talked about the impressive collection of Arabian horses that were kept there. Also He donated a bunch of land, a forest of rare trees and plant forms, a mansion on a beautiful lake and much more around here to Michigan State University… and of course the bird sanctuary. There are many places to visit around here (near Battle Creek). that he gifted.

And then there were his legendary health advances.


I’m sure what he really meant was that sex is an all-consuming waste of time and mental space that prevents you from being truly productive, a la Morrisey. I feel that way about habitual weed use, but I’m pretty biased.