Drivel Thread 1.0


Maybe a device needs to be invented that keeps people from smoking weed. Like a straightjacket or something.

Or perhaps a poncho-type piece of clothing that doesn’t allow for any arm movement?


Poncho wearers could just eat gummies.


I wish Monkey was still here so he can explain what the hell is going on in Texas. Fucking scary!


I thought so too at first but idiots gonna idiot regardless of the laws. GTFO of Texas if you’re sane.



This is excellent



It’s time for a $10,000 bounty on people who make other people fake it every time.


Oh my god, these kids are expensive… I put my daughter into an enrichment class at school for $24, paid $10 for a field trip fee, and then had to turn around and drop $35 on school pictures. This is just in one day! She’s going to need all new snow clothes this year, just outgrew every shoe that she owns, and yesterday she oh-so-tactfully let me know that she would appreciate it if I were to start giving her money for fetching things for me. We had a conversation about the difference between allowance and tipping… Listen you, I’m a stay at home mom… you’re more liquid than I am, I ain’t got no money to tip you with!

I’m being melodramatic about pocket change, I know. I just felt like talking about something that isn’t related to how tired I am from having to feed a baby every two hours and since I spent my daily 30 minutes I had to myself ordering stuff for my daughter online, this is where we landed. @thebalvenie I’ve walked 42 miles in the last 10 days! Not bad for being 5 weeks postpartum! YEAH!


I just spent $3000 for my kids first quarter in junior college. It gets better.

j/k You’re in some tough stuff right now. I only had one. From the looks of it you’re a great mom so more power to you.


wow! keep it up @saf :slight_smile:
that’s no easy feat consider the youngings you have to wrangle and nurse


Thanks, Balv! My husband pushes the one year old in the stroller and I wear the little baby. :slight_smile:


i’m loving the fitbit tracker. it’s main goal to keep me motivated to get up and move is what i need.


Wanna be Fitbit friends?






We just did a month long step challenge at work. I put it together! Some executives at the company put up cash prizes!

I knew I wouldn’t win. We have people in the warehouse who literally move around the building for 8 hours a day, but I tried to push myself more than usual at least.

We used this app called Stridekick to see each other’s steps and track the winners. It syncs with FitBit, Apple Watch and the Apple health app.

We can try one here if anyone wants.


I think all of us with trackers would look forward to seeing how embarrassingly inactive we are compared to Balv.


dude. i’m 11,000 steps behind my buddy right now. the fucker has taken two days off this week just to beat me. so…looks like a long session of squash tonight and walk after dinner


I bought a portable stepper to leave at work and use with my stand up desk.

It kinda sucks but my team used it during the step challenge.


we are a 9 story building along the river here in Missoula.
i have lots of walking options.