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Kelly Willis with Son Volt in the 90s:


@monkey Thoughts on Elon?


Never met the guy.


I took my daughter to the ER yesterday for an ear infection because her primary had no openings for the foreseeable future. She probably had more fun there than she would have at Build-A-Bear. I’m a bit worried about the precedent.


You must have a nice ER. The last time that I took my daughter to an ER in downtown St Louis (for a concussion), we were in the waiting room for 5 or 6 hours, while people were OD’ing in the bathroom.


Yeah ….after I go to the er I need to go the er
It’s that bad

One lone tv with judge judy on repeat and tweakers


Since Covid began my company has thrived. Everyone was at home all the time and shopping online became even more commonplace. I work at a distribution center. Though we only have 26 brands in our warehouse, these brands are all becoming well known and their businesses are thriving.

Covid was actually good for our business.

Because of this spike in business, and because for a while we couldn’t go anywhere, none of us have been taking vacations. The company is basically forcing everyone to use up their PTO by the end of 2022 to get to a more normal 80 hours. I currently have 200. Plus we have vacation blackout for November and December.

So, I’m off today since we have a show tonight in Indy. Starting Wednesday I’ll be off for a week while my mom comes to town for a visit. At the end of June I’m taking another week off to go to St. Pete and relax. Plus I took random Friday’s and Mondays.

Not sure why I’m sharing, just very happy to be home relaxing.

Also, my boss’s boss, the Director of Client Services, who had the most unrealistic expectations and acted as a fucking tyrant to us all, has resigned from his position!!! It’s been a great week. :blush:


That is all awesome! Really hope you get a chance to enjoy your time.



Check out the Onion today




We went Strawberry picking in Indiana today! So fun.


Holy shit. It has to be a scary time to be a woman.


I’m more afraid for my daughter.


I feel the same way!


I just read that the husband of one of the teachers murdered in this week’s reminder of how fucked up we are has died. The parents leave behind four children. When I lost my wife I often felt like I was having a heart attack and no one took her away from us. I felt like that after an unfair illness infiltrated the lives of five wonderful humans and me. I have been through my fair share of shit, but I cannot imagine how heavy his heart must have felt. An illness imposing its will on innocent people is very different than a guy who is easily given the means to carry out his rage imposing his will. I know it won’t count in the death totals for this week, but I feel, and I’m sure his family feels, like the gunman also killed this husband. The gunman’s name will eventually be confused with next week’s gunman’s name. They will bleed together like Super Bowl champions not named the Patriots. Idiots will say that this is only a mental health issue and that gun laws won’t work…despite the fact that laws prohibited this guy from buying a gun before he turned 18 (!). They will spew nonsense like “we need a single point of entry in every school” because taking away guns that no one actually needs is more daunting than a school full of kids escaping a fire. I don’t really know the point of this post, but it works for me right now.

I hate to do this, but it reminds me of the song “To The Teeth” by Ani DiFranco (I know). She wrote the song after Columbine.

The sun is setting on the century
And we are armed to the teeth
We’re all working together now
To make our lives mercifully brief
And school kids keep trying to teach us
What guns are all about
Confuse liberty with weaponry
And watch your kids act it out
And every year now like Christmas
Some boy gets the milk fed suburban blues
Reaches for the available arsenal
And saunters off to make the news

The most depressing thing about these lyrics is that she says “and every year now like Christmas.” Fuck, if only it was a once-a-year occurence!


I need a bigger house so we can start fostering. Everything is so upsetting, you just want to do something to save them all.


perfectly stated, nick. i love every word of this.



I just had my first period talk with the 8 year old. She was pretty uncomfortable.