Drivel Thread 1.0


Sounds fun :tired_face:


Well, that’s a new way to let everyone know there’s a fire down below.


Also, someone caked the Mona Lisa. Trying to figure out which one of you it was.


Last day of vacation today.
Took my mom to the spa at The Omni for facials and we got to spend a couple hours at their pool after. :slightly_smiling_face:


and so it goes.

how uncomfortable was it for you? did it go well, overall?


Oh yeah, I wasn’t uncomfortable at all. She is a bit anxious in general though and was pretty upset by the idea that there would be bleeding she couldn’t really prevent. The idea was pretty distressing for her. But she did come back around from being upset when she got to ask questions about stuff that she had thought was mysterious. The next day we took a walk outside and I asked her if she had any follow up questions now that she’d had time to process what we’d talked about and she said she didn’t but that she would let me know.


These January 6th hearings are horrifying


I haven’t watched, trying not to relive it. There’s still probably no shot of anyone serving time though, eh?


For @Ely_Plains:


An evergreen classic, sadly.



Well, that was a ride.




It was 106 here


Yeah, we close to the same here, only less because we hillbillies.


Wull, obviously it’s nothing like that here….


Feels like 109!!!


Feels like 57 🥲




I hope you like mosquitoes, I can’t remember a year that has been this bad since I was 16…. 🦟🦟🦟