Drivel Thread 1.0


Ummm no.
I’ll stay put. :upside_down_face:


Getting an estimate for a new AC unit tomorrow. ours is 25 years old. It was cranking last night and the temp got down to 80…

I’m in Highlife’s neck of the woods.


My house is a rancher and pretty small.
We have it set to 69 and can’t get below 75 so far today.

The feels like temp is still 105 at 8 PM!!!


We have a few days in the forecast near 100…. Here ya go, a greatest Facebook hit:


My AC units are old too. One is so old that they can’t legally “recharge” it. They still do because I am a charmer. The units crank and crank to keep up.

I don’t mind the higher temps inside like I used to. Oddly enough, I attribute this to bringing home preemies and needing to keep the house warmer so they didn’t lose weight trying to keep warm.

I have Nest thermostats and can’t recommend them enough. They really do help with keeping costs as low as possible and the rebates offered through the local electric companies helped them be paid off within months. Also, we are often gone weekends during hockey season. It’s nice to be able to shut the systems off before we leave and then turn them back on remotely to have the house comfortable before we get home.


We are still using R22, ozone shredding freon.

It’s weird because the current refrigerant r410 is being discontinued in 2023, but you can’t buy units with newer refrigerants because the industry (big players like Payne, Carrier, etc) haven’t decided what the standard is yet…

I’ve wondered about Nest. Interesting point about preemies and having an incubator setup.
Our basement is 66 degrees, bedroom upstairs is 78 or so…, I’'d like the average of the two for the whole house…


We have window units.


Another thing I really like about Nest is that they don’t have to be set at a certain temperature. I set a range. If it dips below 65 or so, the heat kicks in. If it gets above 75, the air kicks in. It keeps your system from constantly running.


Mine is still R22. You would think I was asking for leaded gasoline to have them recharge it. It’s like asking for an asbestos installation.


Cassette AC units. I don’t have one, but I’ve never experienced a better chill. We stayed at an Air BnB and the house was owned by a German family and I can’t say enough good things about them. If I was ballin’ I’d fit our house for them.


From my understanding, they require a hell of a lot more space to install and aren’t very efficient if you have an upstairs or downstairs. I also hear they are difficult to repair.


All valid points.


They are glorified window units but work well, in that they do heat and cool. The ‘mini-split’ one in our Air BnB crapped out after 10 years, and we haven’t bothered to replace it, due to the cost. A traditional HVAC won’t work there because it is a second floor on a pre-civil war building with no outside space of its own, just sidewalk and street.


Just left Home Depot where a kid, maybe 5 or 6, is walking around like he owns the place. Kid is oozing with confidence. He’s wearing jorts and a white t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and he is rocking the most glorious shock red mullet in the history of shock red mullets. You know this kid has already been in a dozen fights and won them all. No doubt in my mind this boy was born in a Chevy pickup truck and drove it home that day. His life is being sponsored by Copenhagen snuff and he’s already paying child support to 3 women.


You’re the real American treasure.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads. :star_struck:



My oldest daughter will be 35 this week, and she just got engaged!


That is crazy! I’m 35! She’s lucky to have a dad like you, Dougo!


Thanks :blush:


At the doctor’s office

Just call me Angel of the morrrrrrning