Drivel Thread 1.0


UHG followed by “Drift Away,” forever ruined by bro before bros Uncle Kracker.


Ah! The good old days!


What you do?


Oh nothing, I had tried Zoloft and it didn’t work, so my doctor put me on Prozac and it did work…until school was out for summer 🫠


Tomorrow it is Midsommar celebration in Sweden. This is an actual commercial that was pulled by IKEA in the 2000s. I think it gives Ari Aster a run for his money. Welcome to my world:


Looks like a rollicking good time!


our whole state has had biblical flooding.


Anyone playing Heardle?
My friend told me about a couple weeks ago. It’s pretty fun.

Unless the song is from the last 20 years, I can usually get it. When it’s Ariana Grande I’m no good.

#Heardle #121



We are driving to Florida in the morning for a nice getaway and week off of work.

It’s an all day drive. Atlanta is about halfway and we’re planning to stop there for lunch and to meet one of my oldest friends, who lives there.

I’m hoping it doesn’t rain all day every day and I’m hoping to watch fireworks from the beach on the 4th. Other than that I just want to sleep late, eat amazing food and sit in my beach chair down by the water.



Drive safe!!! :heart:



from our deck tonight


That is gorgeous!


Careful of all the holiday weekend traffic! Roads in this state seem like they could be overrun! Just look at these numbers!


Have a wonderful time!


I finally bought a display case for my dolls yesterday. It’s in the basement next to my sewing table. $25!


More than 1.2 Virginians? That doesn’t seem like a whole awful lot.


He didn’t say how many more though.


I’m wondering who is travelling with a random extra human leg.


Uh, @WillieCash?


Love this! It’s perfect!!