Drivel Thread 1.0


Still driving if you can believe it.

We stopped in Atlanta for two hours. That didn’t help our time, but one of my oldest friends lives there and we had to see her.

It then rained for many hours. Georgia is a real bitch.

Now we are less than two hours from St. Pete!

I didn’t run into the 1.2 Virginian yet. But we have spotted license plates from 35 of the 50 states.


any montana plates?


Nope. Missing a lot from your area. But did see Washington and Oregon.


How many of you are on the wagon?



You drove to Minnesota?!?


Yes. It’s tropical this time of year.


pretty sure that’s eastern montana


Me. 5 years last week. Life changing. Can’t recommend it enough.


Always been too pissed to climb up tbh


Pass-a-Grille beach today. One of my favorite places.




We had a good morning. We made a Dutch baby with some of our Mexican vanilla infused in bourbon, strawberry sauce, and ice cream. I found a new creamer that tastes like oatmeal cream cookies. I’m taking a break from making doll clothes to knit up the social media phenomenon frog for my sister in law. We’re going to be visiting my husband’s hometown for a week here in about 12 days. I’ve got a list to get ready about a mile long. I set up a chair and a lamp and a table in my basement next to my sewing table so I can be cozy and knit without the kitty cat attacking my project or the kids getting activated. I had been reading really heavily about the Oakland County Child Murders, and recently I watched the Clown & the Candyman again and wondered why there wasn’t a more blatant connection. I remembered the special was based on a podcast and was excited to find out that it DOES investigate the connections. I’m listening to it while I’m knitting.


Sounds like a day. :slightly_smiling_face:

Think I mentioned I’m boarding my dog and cat for the first time ever. This new place opened near my house and it is really nice. They send pics every day.

Penny has been hiding out the first few days but today I got this:



My neighbor shot this picture of us tonight.


This is wonderful!


And this is incredible. He should enter this in a photo contest.


Yeah, it’s a great shot. Both him and his wife are photographers.


She took the picture as it turns out.
Holly Henderson photography.