Drivel Thread 1.0


Well, after another 15.5 hours in the car, we are back home in Louisville. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please remind me not to drive to Florida again. Atlanta alone is hard to get through, and took about two hours out of our day today, but GA is a real MF. We literally drive from the bottom to the top on the longest part.

We usually fly and it’s a simple two hours.

The roads are treacherous and the drivers in GA are all the most important people on the road and have to get there before you, even if it’s one second sooner.

Man, it was beautiful to be on the beach but I am glad to be home!


I broke my left hand trying to catch a football (torpedo) from my son. #imold


Aww, jeez, I’m sorry to hear this…. I hope it heals up well and you don’t have any complications. Please follow the doctors instructions if he says something like don’t use your hand like this or consider physical therapy. Poor Monkey. :cry:



@Monkey - I heard Texas was looking for a QB that could put some zip on the ball.


@monkey Didn’t you break your hand a few years ago? Same hand?

You must feel a sense of pride and maybe the mildest embarrassment. I’d leave out the torpedo detail, aren’t those nerf/foam?

Similar, I was practicing some Jiu Jitsu with my son (11) and he trapped my arm and rolled me over so quick he slammed my shoulder into the ground. Hurt for about an hour.


Yeah same hand. Multiple fractures in the same finger too.


I’m sorry, Monkey. :raised_hand:t2:
Listen to saf’s orders.


Bad news about the hand great news about your son.






If that was real he’d still be sleeping in the car.


I was searching through threads looking for pictures of @saf dolls to show my wife, and she asked if you had an Instagram or posted them somewhere.

Anyhow, I read through so many great posts which reminded me why I love this place and you all.



I’ve had that happen to me a couple times.

Y’all are pretty special to me.

I am not able to post much now but when I do I’ll fill u in and be around more…hopefully.

This is for u all and for ghar
Sunset on my deck last night.




Haven’t used Spotify once in over six years. Feel pretty good about the fact that I certainly don’t need it.


Beyond Van Gogh was pretty incredible. I didn’t read about it much or look at pictures so I could be surprised.

I highly recommend going if you get the opportunity.

I can’t upload video here and that really gives you the best feel for the room and the movement, but here’s a few pics:



This is super wordy, and the rest of the article is absolute rubbish, but it perfectly encapsulates how I want to and am choosing to live my life now with my family. I have made so much progress.


very wordy. i had to read it twice. but most poignant stuff is!