Drivel Thread 1.0


By they way, when did Nashville turn into Miami Beach or New Orleans? The place was crawling with drunks and bridal shower parties (including a large intersection of the two). They have “party bikes,” which are weird contraptions that allow groups of people to ride around town drinking bear. It’s fucking insane.


Like 6-7 years ago


Okay, thanks for cleaning that up. I guess the last time I was there was in 2009 to see Ry-ry. It’s really too bad. I don’t like drunks.


So fucking droll, you legend. :smile_cat:


Yeah Nashville is crazy downtown around Broadway. Peddling parties and brides with veils and shit.

I feel like it’s been like that since I first went there in 2011.


Those pedal bars are so dumb. I can’t believe people actually use them. I’ve never thought to myself “yeah, this buzz is nice but I wish my ass was sweaty.”


They look like they’re one step away from a human centipede.


Drinking bear would be insane :bear::joy:


That’s how little I drink: I can’t even spell “beer.”


This stuff is everything, which is apt, because I am putting it in everything. :egg::ice_cream:



I want everyone to know that @nick just accused me of being an elf come guzzler and well…… he’s not entirely wrong. 🤷


I just ordered her cake batter, cream cheese frosting, peanut butter, butterscotch, and cheesecake flavors too. I am a believer. Flavor oils forever.


Ugh. I used to love running up to Nashville when I lived in Athens. But, my last few visits have been kind of disappointing for the reasons s you mentioned. Parts of town that used to be cool little enclaves away from the broadway mess are slowly being gobbled up.


Guess we’re not moving to Nashville.


Yes, I remember going to Nashville in the mid-90s to see a Shawn Colvin, and we walked around Broadway. I mostly remember a bunch of record stores and no drunks. I should have known something was up when there were two bridal shower groups on my flight from O’Hare.


No, in addition to the drunks, a bunch of rich people have been moving there and are inflating the real estate market. If there were only enough of them to turn the state blue…


Austin sucks too.


Come to Louisville instead. Still cool.


Agreed. I love Louisville.