Drivel Thread 1.0




No, I surely wouldn’t :nail_care:t2:


i like the green.


you were right!!! worked like a charm!



I have a half sibling who is trying to sue me to force me to sign a document regarding an inheritance. Me & my siblings sperm donor left some money & land for us. The terms state we all have to sign off on it and I have refused, mainly because I’d have to travel a little, to sign something I don’t care about for people I don’t care about. It’s not a life changing amount of money. I just couldn’t care less. And I find the threat laughable.


On one hand just do it and get it over it and on the other hand fuck them. Have fun with that.


This has been hovering over me for years. This isn’t the kind of money that would make me travel across the state. Not for them.


Can’t you just give someone power of attorney for the specific task of signing the paper? But then, as @inky said, on the other hand…


Make trip about something else, like taking photos of decapitated dolls in a barn. I thought everyone who lived in Texas only found it bearable by traveling.


It’s hard to pass up free money though. Can you show up in a bustier and a tutu and make it fun?


Use the money to hire someone on Fiverr who can write ad copy for your sign in front of your business.

“This facility has state of the art fire protection, so your storage will never end up in the cloud.”

Something like that…


Is it enough money to fly to Vegas and get a hooker?


I’d never do either of those things. Also, yes.


I’m becoming increasingly frustrated while watching HGTV and there’s a logo in the corner, a moving ad for another show above that, and a banner up top telling me what show I’m watching!!


get the money and let’s go to vegas? i’ll give you a lap dance.


i recommend you stop watching that shit.


I’m learning to roller skate.



and how’s it going thus far?


I just successfully went from my dishwasher with a liter jar, to the freezer to fill it with ice to the knife block to get scissors and then to the liquid iv and the sink and then finally to my straw across the room and kept my balance the whole time. Oh Ho Ho. My plan is working. I’ll be zipping around doing housework in a week at the most. Now I’m just trying to do a nine foot loop around the room with no stopping and no grabbing things and it’s getting smoother! Already a pro at coasting and texting.


Snug up those laces Kwan.