Drivel Thread 1.0


And that might just be even more concerning than running with scissors :rofl:


This is funny but also so sad.


My good friend Joe is visiting from Chicago.

On Thursday, when he came to town, he told me what his work had just announced. He works for Patagonia, and they just announced on that day that they would be donating 100% of their profits moving forward towards causes to help planet earth. Pretty incredible really.

Up until now they had been donating 1% of their profits and that had reached over $100 million… from here on out the company will be donating around $100 million a year! No company had ever made such a commitment to our environment before.



Don’t worry, my kitchen is always open :wink:


This would be me. Stay safe.


I got a spam email at work from Morrissey:


I need to get out more.

Here’s a map of the US with states I’ve been to:


Yes, you should follow the Lewis and Clark expedition route.


There’s only a few states in the mainland that I haven’t been to. Deleware, Maine, Rhode Island, New Jersey and then Alaska and Hawaii.


I’ve hit the contiguous, but haven’t done Alaska and Hawaii. Likely won’t though. I’ll spend my travel time out of the US.


i went here and did it:

really only two spots i think are must visits and if i never make it to the other states i’ll be just fine…the two? New Mexico and Alaska



and i want to go to michigan. one of my favorite peoples lives there…rhymes w/ shmougo


No offense taken. Really. Just a fine thing to say.

If anyone ELSE on the board wants to take part in the beauty of Kentucky, I’d love to show you around.


I’m sure you would love Michigan and Maine (at least).


I would also like to visit Michigan and Maine.

I have recently crossed Montana off my list since I recently found out there’s nothing special there.


awwww. i hope you know how much i love and appreciate you. you’d be the only reason i’d ever want to go to Kentucky. but i can’t lie to you and say it’s on my list. I’ve always wanted to go to Michigan…for lots of reasons other than dougo.

i have family there and i have history in Dundee (the fosters left and homesteaded in Montana in the 1890’s).

you’re a jersey girl. i love jersey. probably more than i should but i have some amazing memories there and family.

lb, you’re a special friend and I’m sorry i excluded Kentucky on the list…i didn’t mean to slight you at all.


i’ll skip Maine and go right to Nova Scotia


My buddy just visited from Quebec… that is probably my next major road trip. I MUST make it out there to visit him. Him and his wife have a sugar shack and have ramped up the maple syrup production… and they have an “artists’ retreat” rustic cabin up at the top of a mountain that they own that I need to see.


montreal is on our list too! my dear friend from Buenos Airies lives there now and i really want to see him and drink his good wine and eat the amazing food there.

when i was 16 my folks let me travel by myself and go see him in argentina. one of the best trips of my life! to this day i’m amazed my parents said yes.