Drivel Thread 1.0


We’re seriously going to take you up on this.


I’m hoping to retire next year and I’d like to do some traveling for sure… maybe trips down to Kentucky and up to Montana would be in order.


i’d steer clear of kentucky. the women there who have friends in Montana have enough to deal with.


My cousin also lives in Kentucky and I kind of owe her a visit, I think… but sin-thiana sounds like it is closer to the bible belt.


Inky, Dougo, I would plan all kinds of things to show you.

Rod, you’d be surprised how beautiful parts of KY are and Louisville is one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been to.


Also, I am not a Jersey girl.
I only lived there for 7 years.

Wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about me. :sunflower:


Louisville is so damn charming. It’s a fucking spice rack. It can offer whatever you need any given visit. I live fairly close to Chicago, Indianapolis, and Nashville. I would rather visit Louisville than any of those cities. It’s an underrated gem.

It’s a shame that Ear X-tasy isn’t around anymore. When I was much younger, I would make the 1.5 hour trip over to visit my favorite record store. I even met Tenacious D there.


Totally agree, Nick.

I like Cincinnati and Indianapolis both more than Nashville, plus they’re both closer.

I got to go to the last location of ear-x-tacy before it closed, but that was right when I first got here. I always hear stories about it.


Wull, I couldn’t. And if I had just taken a minute to actually do some research I would have learned that roller skates run super narrow most of the time. I found a pair that actually fit me and by getting the least popular color they were only $40 more than what I spent on the first pair (which I flipped on Marketplace).

I spent about six hours with my skates today. I waxed the uppers so they don’t have to be babied and I switched out the wheels.




not gonna lie. i think i would be surprised.

also, wendell berry is my top 5 poets/essayists/authors ever.


i know Loudon wrote this song about his dad. I shared this with LB a long time ago …and she loved it because it reminded her of her dad.

i can’t stop thinking about my little brother as I near the anniversary of his suicide. 9/30/2015

sometimes I forget that you are gone and that we’ll never see you again…i think for a moment I gotta give him a call…i can’t now I realize that…


Big hugs to you, Rod.

I find myself wanting to talk baseball with my dad, then realize he’s gone and I have nobody to share those thoughts with.


exactly. hugs back at you!


Got my new laces!


Sporty boots.


Anyone witnessing what is happening in my basement right now would agree that I am not sportif.


Sportif oops.


I just want to say for the record I think Kuerig coffee is bullshit.


Agreed. I don’t know what the hype is about. It tastes fake.