Drivel Thread 1.0



We have this at work. All the tech bros have them. They are total shit. Probably the same result running sink water through a pod.


Tastes terrible.

We are staying at an Airbnb and that’s what they have. We even went to the store and bought coffee we like in kcups and it’s barely drinkable.


They should stop making them!


It’s the new millennium version of Folgers Crystals.


those are dogshit. i do like the nespressos. they make a good cup of joe



And a lot less look at me and more I thought of you




Yesterday my wife’s brother came over with several boxes of family pictures and keepsakes from her family. His wife “suggested” he get rid of all that old stuff, so…

There were a bunch of old postcards that my aunt Louise had gotten over the years and saved. Those postcards and the notes on the back were far more interesting than most everything else in those boxes. They tell the story of travel and the relationships between the people sending and receiving them.


@highlife What can you tell me about “Daisy Mae” as a pejorative?



“You can’t triple stamp a double stamp.”


The only one I can think of is Daisy Mae from the Lil Abner comics, though Granny on Beverley Hillbillies was named Daisy Mae Moses (haha Grandma Moses ke-yuk ke-yuk).

They represent two very different types of country woman, so I imagine the age of the usage source material might be a guide. If it’s older, mid-century, it’d be Lil Abner.

Can you glean anything for context, because that might help as well. But I’m guessing Abner-esque.

Daisy Mae


This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much!


77 years Young.

Happy birthday, Neil!




It’s amazing how much Matt Taibbi sucks now.


Agreed. His Twitter persona is worse than Jason Isbell’s. Much worse. He’s become a complete shill for the right-wing culture wars, all the while denying that that is what he’s doing. He’s sad and pathetic.