Drivel Thread 1.0


And I used to buy every one of his books and read them immediately.


Absolutely. He’s clearly just a reactionary guy now. I think the same thing happened to Glenn Greenwald.

I read a few of his books (Taibbi) too.


Worse than Isbell’s is a damning review indeed.


Same here.


In all fairness, I fucking hate Twitter and everything about it. I did before, and I do now. One thing I will give Jason Isbell is that he keeps his Twitter persona separate from his stage persona. And at least Jason Isbell is still insanely talented. Matt Taibbi is a washed-up has-been.


awwww man!!! this fucking sucks. he used to be a hero of mine.



Yeah I hated twitter so much I ditched it a few years back, Isbell was one of the contributing factors to that. It has tainted his music slightly for me, don’t listen to him as often as I used to.


I stand by what I said about Taibbi the last time his name came up here.


I don’t hate Isbell’s twitter as much as a lot of you. He doesn’t really bother me. Yeah, maybe some of it is a bit much, but he’s always on the right side of things.


Which is the opposite of Matt Taibbi.


I feel the same way… but I would guess my twitter will be coming to an end soon.

On Instagram he normally just talks about guitars and his travel. Maybe that is a better place for some to keep up with him without as much political commentary?


Agreed. I don’t go on Twitter anymore because everyone became so political the last few years.

Instagram is an easier, less annoying way to stay caught up on things for me.


Same. Granted I don’t read it as much but from what I’ve read he’s pretty spot on and might be just a little too preachy


Instagram is fun


Okay. It’s time I look into getting hearing aids. I was just listening to a prescription drug commercial in the background and I heard, “Serious side effects may occur including tittie problems and tittie failure.”


Honestly, the first time I put on the Romeo & Juliette album, I thought I heard Ryan singing “toss me sallad”.


That would be a step up from some of what he’s actually singing


Maybe he’s covering old TV spots now…


I know Isbell got a lot of shit about him not wanting assholes at his shows, but I don’t really know why. I’m guessing most artist have an idea of who they want their fans to be. I think this whole thing started when Isbell fans bitched because he was one of the first artists to mandate masks be worn regardless of the venue’s policies. Who would want people that don’t care about the safety of others at their show? “Don’t like my rules? Fuck you!” I’m totally good with that. I don’t want to be at a concert with assholes. I wouldn’t go to a concert if Kid Rock opened for fucking Devo.


Maybe because saying something like that kind of makes you an asshole, then you can’t go to your own shows anymore :joy: