Drivel Thread 1.0


Today is Grizz’s 12 th Birthday!!
He has big plans:




Why the fuck are there no double sinks in New York state?

Just the single sink?



So people can wee-wee in the toilet instead?



We just watched The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction show on HBO.

It was really good.

The Eurythmics
Pat Benatar
Judas Priest
Dolly Parton
Lionel Richie
Carly Simon
Duran Duran

Think that was all of them.


A few weeks ago I bought myself a new silk robe. The next day my baby threw up all over me. I hand washed my robe, but I can still smell vomit on it because washing silk is a fool’s errand. I also painted my cabinets yellow but that’s, like, a whole other story. I just realized that this should be in the inane anecdotes thread, but don’t worry. I’m going to post there too.



But xi is, don’t worry.


Ok. :grinning:


I met a strange lady, she made me nervous, she took me in and gave me breakfast


Can’t get that ^^ out of my head today.


I asked my husband to get me a surprise candy when he ran into the hardware store and he came back with my favorite… synthetic birthday cakes. 🧁


Here’s a mirror selfie featuring the toilet (kicking it MySpace style, I know who my top Five are). But what I really mean is, my hair has grown back to elbow length which is how long it was when I cut it off to my chin a week before my first son was born in August of 2020.


So my 65th birthday is today.

I don’t feel that old physically, but mentally I’m beginning to feel it. I’m now on Social Security and just retired. Not sure how much time I’ve got, but I want to make the best of what’s left.

Update: it’s Friday the 13th and I’m with my mom in the emergency room.


Are there pieces of candy confetti in there? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: the shit I will eat for being fairly healthy.


Oh shit. I hope she is okay. I’m sorry Dougo. Birthday hugs to you. :heart:


Yes! I have to say the Fruity Cereal Kit-Kat (which has the sprinkles in it too) blows the other two out of the water though. :slight_smile:


Happy birthday, Dougo! I hope your mom is ok!