Drivel Thread 1.0


Happy Born Day, Doug-rick! Good vibes to Mom.


That’s Jerry@Rick


awwww. here’s to the bestest happiest birthday to one of the nicest guys I’ve (n)ever met.

you’re a good one doug and i’d like to be more like you when i grow up.

hugs to you and your mom today and everyday.


Happy Birthday, Dougo! :confetti_ball:
I hope your mom is ok!


Happy 65 Dougo! Really hope you mum is doing ok.


Happy Birthday, Dougo! :birthday::sunrise:

Hope your mom is ok. 65 with a parent still alive is pretty awesome.


Happy Unesco World Logic Day!


Anybody else watching the NFL playoff games this weekend? They have been pretty awesome.


I’m sure the Ravens game will go down to the last drive at the end as well.

It’s good for business.


The Ravens majorly fucked up one play. Without that play we actually had that game.


They’ve been superb. The Jags game was unbelievable. I’m a Jets fan so been a while since I’ve had any skin in the playoffs :joy:


I was so glad to see Jacksonville win.

Since my team is out, and Steve is a Chiefs fan, I’ll be pulling for them from here on out.


I thought the Dolphins effort was remarkable given the injury list.


i wathced the niners. that was it.


Tomorrow I’m getting a bone density scan.
Who’s excited?


I’ve got a halfy.

That’s a test I hope you pass BTW.


Then you need a boner density test.


It was all I expected and more.
Can’t wait to find out how dense I am.


i’m guessing pretty dense


Count yourself lucky. Most people never get to find out if they are, in fact, big-boned.