Drivel Thread 1.0


I’m not as dense as they had hoped.


Nooooo. What are the next steps?


Calcium and Vitamin D supplements.

But having a physical this morning so will see what else Dr says.


oh god!!! i’m sorry lb!!! fingers crossed for a good physical. have you been feeling okay? what prompted this visit and bone density scan?


Does all this bone and D talk make anyone else want to … go outside and get that essential nutrient from regular exposure to sunlight?


Mostly because I am a 48 year old woman. That’s what prompted the test.

Basically I need to walk more too to try to build up the bones and take these supplements to avoid it getting bad. I’m not bad off. They just don’t want it to get worse.


cool. my advice and not that you need it or asked for it…be a compliant patient and follow orders :slight_smile: i see it too often those who go and don’t do the work or rehab and then it shows. i know you’re only 48 but goddamn i want you around for anther 48

little brother rant over.






This though, my mom’s best friend got this same advice ten years ago and ignored it, now it’s a full on osteoporosis emergency. I want you to live forever, LB.


You guys are the best :blush:


Back in the 90s in Albuquerque there was a show on public access that featured some short, rail thin hippie desert trash guy. There was only one camera angle throughout–it was head-on, full body. The background, as I recall, was some sort of desert space scenario.
He was in his late 50’s or more, and had stringy longish hair and a weak-growth goat beard. Throughout the show he was naked except for a leather string around his waist, from which hung a thin leather drape that just obscured his genitals, in an ‘indian-guy-in-his-natural-state’ style. He was not a native, just a white desert trash rat sort.
While his show was mostly just a rambling monologue, riffing on nature and man’s need to be closer to the Earth, the central theme, which became a mantra, was that you have to get out in nature and get sun on your 'cock and balls.'
As the narrative went on, it became clear that his only message was: get your cock and balls out in the sun. By the end of the 28 allotted minutes, he’d said ‘cock and balls’ well more than once a minute. It was his one message. He was a true believer.
Sun the taint.


lol omg


I couldn’t make it through season 2.



I made a wig for one of my new dolls this evening. I think it turned out pretty great for a first attempt at making them out of wire. It just pops off like a helmet.


So there appears to be a Zevon doc in the works.


I would love to make a music video with your dolls.


I’m taking roller skating lessons with my moms best friend tonight. I never go anywhere with any one so obviously I have already done my hair and makeup 7 hours early, re-tooled my outfit three times, and am soothing my nerves with a gin and grapefruit while Googling the local skating rink to death. If this sounds crazy while you’re reading this, imagine living it, and if it doesn’t sound crazy at all, ask your doctor about Generalized Anxiety Disorder at your next appointment. I’m actually super stoked, that’s what super stoked is like for me. Ha ha. :dizzy_face:‍:dizzy:🛼


But in all seriousness…