Drivel Thread 1.0


I think I did pretty good for just cutting it myself on a whim. Definitely like it a lot better now.


I stopped putting sugar in my coffee a few months ago. Two tablespoons per big mug, so four a day.

I’m using Monkfruit in the raw. It melts like sugar and tastes like it without any artificial aftertaste.

I can’t imagine giving it up completely but I tried to do something. I love chocolate and need a little something at night, even if it’s just a100 calorie Fudge Pop.


Great job! Very nice👌🏽


How it started:

How I left it:

But it’s not done yet, I’m going to do a second purge and I have some fun stuff I ordered to finish it.


It’s such an awesome feeling.


Who is going to a Superb Owl party this weekend?


I’m making jalapeño poppers for the Rihanna concert if that’s what your talking about.


I’m hosting a Super Bowl party. First one in three years.

It’s always a small group of 7-8. But we’ll be watching the game and hoping The Chiefs win!

Plus I’m making all kinds of good food. I’m making hot Maryland crab dip, Buffalo Chicken meatballs, some cold dips and chips and veggies. Then I’ll have Italian Beef sliders for Philly and BBQ Chicken sliders for KC! Snickerdoodles to end the meal. :football:


Making Bahn Mi tonight, then buffalo chicken bites and brats tomorrow. It will be a slushy snowy Sunday here.

Not on the menu: the game itself.


I’m going to make some chocolate caramel treats and watch the game tomorrow.


Hot Maryland crab dip sounds delicious


Me and @bakamomo doing the absolute most.


Or the least depending how you look at it :joy:


9000% and the try hard in me is bitter that those three days in 2022 I was accessing the board through my Apple Watch deprived me of hitting this milestone sooner. Do you think when I turn 40 I’ll get an ounce of chill for my birthday? 36 is not looking promising on this front…


Aw bless you, we can hope.


I’m Gen X and work in higher ed. Every year there’s some kind of vandalism where students spray paint or draw Swastikas. I’m theorizing that this is an education problem.

I’m curious, did everyone on the board have to watch videos about the Holocaust in middle school? are they still teaching the holocaust? Because sometimes i think that young people think a Swastika just means “punk rock” or something…


Valentines Day makes me mental. I hate this fake holiday with every fiber of my being. It makes lonely people feel lonelier, couples have to buy shit to prove their love. Can’t stand it.


They’ve developed intelligence but have not yet developed compassion. Paired with the young male need to provoke and rebel against the old guard, you get swastikas. That and racism.
It’s not a good thing, but it’s not a mystery either.


I think you’re right about the symbolism. A lot of early racism is fashion. It takes a while to really know why you hate a stranger.

And I don’t remember school at all.


I wish I could answer this question better, but I can’t. We learned about the Holocaust in Iowa, but not at all in high school in MN, if this is because they cover it in middle school, I can’t say, but at least they’ve started doing some (not enough) education history of indigenous peoples.

They did none (and I mean none) of it when my mother went to school here and considering we literally live next to a reservation, that seems completely egregious. My mom thought I was making up compulsory boarding schools. Now she knows better.