Drivel Thread 1.0


I’m a VD conscientious objector as well.


I went to school in Germany, and it was of course extensively covered in multiple grades. But I’m Gen X (and I work in higher ed), and so I don’t really know what they’re doing these days there.


Looks like I’m buying everyone swastikas for Valentine’s day this year.


Get them the day after when they’re on sale.


You know what, I just recalled we were made to read “The Summer of my German Soldier” and in the context of white nationalism, I’m not sure teaching a bunch of white kids of German descent that Nazis can be nice people too is exactly on the level….



Please take mine and burn it.
Lisa :star_of_david:


What if I told you the person who told me about this works at an all-women’s college?


What if I told you that the rise in racist ideology is a direct effect (backlash) from the the educational efforts to eradicate it?


YES just like Roe v. Wade is our penance for the woefully ineffective #metoo movement.


This showed up in my ads after my husband and I were talking about using our phones too much (itknowsitknowsitknows). I made my own version, I don’t even have to pay $18 a month to use it.

We call it “the coffin,” I.e. Put my phone in the coffin. I also rounded up all the Popsockets in my house and put them in a little bowl next to it so I can put a different one on any time I take my phone out which is fun.


Self diagnosed autism and the death of most conversation is the price we pay for smartphones… (I liked this pattern of statements…)

Also, what’s the deal with sigma males? First it was alpha (which is dumb), but now males are autistic and isolated so that it’s all about being a sigma…?


My husband let me design a new wedding set for our anniversary. :tangerine:


I love it!


we didn’t watch videos on the holocaust but i took a humanities class and was first really exposed to the diary of anne frank, elie wiesel, primo levi, and victor frankl


Yesterday marked 12 years since I met Steve. Tonight we’re going out for a fancy dinner, but last night we went to our favorite spot MozzaPi for the best pizza in town. When we walked out of the restaurant we saw this:


Happy anniversary!


Our fancy dinner was a really cool experience.

Chef Edward Lee’s 610 magnolia.

Five course tasting menu. I didn’t love everything but I did love the two in the pictures, the Charred Octopus and the dessert, Lemongrass Panna Cotta:


I made this little tracksuit for Vincent so he could be cozy.


Working on my spring wardrobe concept. The kids would call this Molly Jensen Core. (That was a Ghost (1990) reference.)