Drivel Thread 1.0


Are those chef pants.


They are if that pleases you. Ahahha.


It pleases me when my ceviche is slightly spicy.


happy anniversary you two love bugs!!! hope there’s a visit to dq in your future!


I have no doubt that you have a pottery wheel that you just need to dust off.


Not that it’s drivel by any means, but I just wanted to let you know that the Australian Parliament has finally enacted a law permitting same-sex unions. It was a violent and protracted campaign, but luckily it is now over.




this isn’t how I planned for
my life to look like," I whispered
under my breath as I walked to my car

"tell me about it,"
an eavesdropping cloud
replied to me from above

I looked up and watched
the cloud billow between looking
like a dove and an open hand

the cloud continued:

"I used to be a snowfield in Montana.
I used to be a dewdrop kiss on a lily.
I used to be a puddle in a parking lot.
I used to be a river in Mexico.
I used to be a glacier.
I used to be a waterfall mist in a jungle.

I used to be so many things."

“doesn’t that make you sad?” I asked the cloud

“it used to - but not anymore,” the cloud replied while wrapping herself around me like a scarf. “I don’t think either of us were created to stay the same form our entire life.”

“I’m not sure I can let go of my old life,” I sighed.

“oh you simply must,” the cloud whispered in my ear.
" because once you release what you used to be
and embrace who you are meant to be now -
something amazing will happen," the cloud said

“what’s that?” I asked while looking at my hands that were beginning to billow and shapeshift.

“you’ll start to float.”

and with that my feet lifted off the ground

~ John Roedel


love it.



Hookers and blow, obvs.




Concert tickets.


Same. But you can only buy your own I guess bc you can’t benefit anyone else.


The same as everybody else: the complete deluxe hardcover editions of the Savage Sword of Conan comics.


Purchase an abandoned lot in an industrial part of town, set up basketball court, skatepark, and gardening plots with food forests.


Down payment on a new (to us) van. Technically we don’t need it, since we got the VW running again, but holy smacks, the kids hate the downgrade and we do too.


I’m getting divorced right now, so that’s not a problem. Here’s hoping the second time’s the charm.


Cannot benefit other people


i’m going to vegas and will visit 2 michelin star restaurants. then gonna go get some gummies and get high and eat shake shack for the remainder of my stay.