Drivel Thread 1.0


It’s a private facility? Reading comp fail?




That’s easy, I’d buy a really nice guitar and a really nice amp.

Case closed.

Of course that wouldn’t benefit anyone else and only punish others.


Telecaster, new PA


can i come?


We are having a new roof installed as I type this.

It’s crazy loud, scary AF, and I’m grateful they arrived at 8 am on a Saturday and not 7.

My shower head fell and thankfully didn’t crack any tile. The pictures in my bedroom have fallen off the wall and I have now removed all my framed posters that would cost a fortune to replace. It’s probably a good thing Grizz is going deaf or he’d be way more freaked out!

Anyway, we lost like 10 shingles in the storms last week and what I thought would be a patch job turned into replacing a 9 year old roof.

Pretty good deal for us actually since we only pay our deductible and now will have a brand new roof.


We lost our cable once they were done with the roof. It’s only like the biggest weekend for sports of the year.

Direct Tv is zero help.

I bought some streaming service just so I can watch the games on CBS today and tomorrow.


This reminds me of when I had my roof replaced… I had contracted them but weeks and weeks went by and no word… it was nearly November, so I called the company (a huge national outfit with an outsourced call center) and they ultimately got me back in touch with the salesperson who had come out and given me my estimate. He had failed to schedule us after giving us a huge song and dance about how our shingled roof was intersecting the rubber roof of our garage and would be totally unsound if we didn’t replace both. Because of his error and winter coming on so fast, they could only replace the roof on the house. They did so, it was Halloween 2014, the day I came home from the hospital with my daughter. It was 32 degrees outside, I’ll never forget it. The only thing we got in return for his error was his browbeating me about not contacting him directly instead of the call center if I was concerned. This guy gave me an estimate at my kitchen table while I was 9 months pregnant and was an asshole to me immediately postpartum about embarrassing him on accident. Tells you everything you need to know about male egos, innit?


I feel better knowing we had a friend of a friend in the roofing business.


My neighbor had two faux beams fall from the ceiling while her elderly mother was in the room while her roof was being replaced.


I’m going to Cleveland this weekend. I have never been there as an adult.

It’s a quick, action packed trip where we are stopping in Canton for the Football Hall of Fame Saturday. Then Sunday Rock n Roll Hall of Fame by day, Goose show by night!

Gonna try to get into Michael Simon’s BBQ restaurant Saturday night too.

Drive home Monday and took the day off. It’s about a five hour drive from Louisville.

It’s also Steve’s birthday on Monday. :birthday:


Think about getting some good Italian food there too. I know it’s not he first thing on the radar, but worth looking in to.


I love good Italian food. :spaghetti: