Drivel Thread 1.0


Good morning, MF


My vasectomy consultation went well. I got to throw in a shitty joke and everything. Before you get your vasectomy, they check to make sure you have two vas deferens. He has trouble locating one, so I told him “check the other one, there isn’t a vast difference.” He chuckled and called me an idiot.

So I go in to end the era (or plague) of Nick seed after Christmas. He told me “I use a No-Scalpel technique. Don’t be fooled. It still hurts and you will hate it.” He’s a good doctor.



it’s called soldering

plug your nostrils…cause burning nutsack stinks






Hey Nick! Hows that Neil Young mp3 player thingy holding up for ya? You still using it?




He’s turning it into a hi res streaming service I read


Guy comes into the office just now letting me know he runs a route in the area selling “Iowa Steaks”. I tell him, “Don’t you mean Omaha Steaks?”. Him, "No. we’re in direct competition with them though. Our steaks are a greater quality."
So, I Google search “Iowa Steaks” and immediately turn my screen to him. The search shows reviews for both Omaha Steaks (4.9 out of a possible 5.0) and Iowa Steaks (1.3 out of a possible 5.0).
I turn back to the monitor and go on with, “From the reviews alone I think I’ll take a pass.” And then in a louder voice, "Whoa! Two reviews use the phrase “horse meat”!"
Dude drops the eff bomb on me and slams the door on his way out!
Whew! I thought I wasn’t gonna get my good dead in this week.


Did u get his number?

I’ll take it


deed even




Sunday is actually the Ideal day for Christmas to fall on. it means we are off on Christmas Eve, off on Christmas and then get the day after Christmas as a Holiday from work! :slight_smile:

2 Mondays in a row off!


A friend’s daughter made this for me 7 years ago.


That’s great, Grim!


Is that a pickup I see on that six string banjo?


Electric banjo, duh.