Everything Sucks And Then We're All Gonna Die


hey lover.

fuck your donation! i got this round.

just give me an address to mail these things to. these dickheads out there in the sticks won’t do anything that isn’t through pony carrier US Mail, so i can’t forward like an email-card or promo code or anything. so i figure i get the shit, have them mail it to me, then i mail it all to Nick with a card signed ‘courtesy of the .org’ or whatever.

you catch my jive? did i talk to you about the postcards yet?


sounds good man.

i need to get you the money dude. what is your paypal address?

and yeah i responded back to your postcard message.

you really suck at online internetty stuff!!!

mwah. sloppy kisses. crotch bumps.



I was wondering if he thought this was the PM where we last discussed this. Ole cball :relieved:




what’s a “PM”??



Prime minister


Pre-menstrual. Right, Balv?