Exercise thread


Man, jumping rope is so much more efficient than running, in terms of getting your cardio in with a short amount of time. 5-10 minutes once a day is all you need.

We had a thread like this on the last board.

Also, I don’t understand gym memberships. Does anyone feel “fellowship” at the gym? Or is what I’ve always perceived to be a sad existential angst place where people hope their time will help them get laid (another sad way to measure happiness)?

I’m probably missing something.


I don’t understand gym memberships either. Stuck in a room smelling each others sweat. No thanks.

Although from the “fellowship” standpoint, all of my bosses friends he met at the gym. The “get laid” was part of it so yeah, you’re dead on.


I cancelled my gym membership around Christmas time. The drive was a bit, parking was ridiculous and assholes who would ask “Do you even?” douched up the place. I bought free weights, a bicycle and JUMP ROPE and get a better workout here, at home.


I pay for a gym every month…I don’t go but I pay for it!

Actually we got in on this incredible deal where we paid a lump sum up front and then it’s just $10/month forever.
It’s really nice gym actually. Free yoga and other classes for members and there’s a Cardio Theater where there’s a huge movie screen and they play movies and it’s completely dark in there and filled with treadmills, bikes and ellipticals. So you don’t need to look at or talk to anyone! When I was going that’s where I went.


no doubt you’re dead on.

but i have been a gym guy since i was 14

i liked it and i still like it.

i stay fairly focus in a routine though and i’ve never been one to go out and look for chicks or what not…that shit is phony.

a good long while there i stayed out of gyms and i missed it and my body and health paid for it.

i joined back up in 2013 and played racquetball w/ a buddy that joined w/ me

that really helped and from there i built friendships in the community and built a better workout routine too

no personal trainer per se but i would do spin class and body pump and mix in cross fit too.

then squash came along and i love it…really wish it’d been in my life early on…i’ve literally made 3 friends that i know i’ll have till i’m gone. and staying active int eh gym has helped me make community connections …my wife works at our local ymca and i recently started doing their spin classes on my lunch break and mixing in body pump there too. i run one of the campaign teams for the y too and loved it…we raised over $300,000 in 2 months!!! my team raised only $9,000 of that but hey…our team goal was 6,500

being involved and getting to know your town has really been huge for me…and i can’t say the same would have happened should we switch out the gym w/ church or a bar.


Word! I think YMCA is different from a gym, they seem like a community center where people can exercise.

I know what you mean about “squash” buddies (seriously). I had a few tennis friends like that. Not forever friends and it’s a great way to start relationships. I get building relationships over those types of sports. It’s the weights and mirrors I don’t get.


I used to workout with my friend across the street in the morning before work. He had a rack of dumbells etc. and we mountain bikes a lot together. Since his passing 15 rears ago I’ve slipped… but time to get back into it. I’ve just never found another friend that would shame me to that level if I missed a workout.


I like taking my dog for walks on nice days. that’s the extent of the enjoyment I get out of exercise, unfortunately.


Balv just likes to shower with other men.


word man.

it warms my heart to hear you recognize that about the y

The Y’s motto is “more than a gym”

the y is first and foremost a charity and safe place for families …it’s not so kid centric (it tends to be) it’s ALL inclusive. there are some amazing “Y stories” out there.

really neat thing is if someone comes in and needs help they turn no one away; how neat RIGHT?


Me too. I do some yoga but it’s mainly walking and running my dog. I’m in pretty decent shape and my dog is too.


fuck that.

i hate locker rooms and i hate showering at the gym

you fuckers that walk around w/ your shit out and crotch bumping fist pumping mirror gazing wannabes can suck each other’s dicks




There’s a radio show here called The Men’s Room. They are hilarious and they discuss gym behavior quite a bit. Sounds like there’s always a dirty old man walking around naked in the locker room.



I run. It’s good for my head. I can tell when I don’t, and that keeps me going back out.



Double Dutch jump rope

Tough to do


I can double dutch and I love that song!


lift heavy 3 times a week and hit the concept 2 rowing machine at least 2x per week…in the summer usually hike a bunch and cut out a few gym days. one of the best highs i get is working out.