Exercise thread


Pacing my friend for 40-50 miles on her second Tunnel Hill 100 race on Saturday. Should be interesting.


Or you can do your initials…


That’s not bad at all


It says your FULL NAME, sweetie.



Still not that bad


Just did this:

50 lb kbell squats x25
25 dips
16 lunges
16 push ups
25 rows 50 lbs
25 dead lift 50 lbs
60 sec plank
50 heel touches
50 sec plank
50 Russian twist with 12 lb med ball
40 sec plank
50 crunches
1 nonstop lap of lunges around track (1/8 mile)

Next set…do it all again minus 5

Next set minus 5



God, I’m out of shape.


with two kettles? Either way, impressive stuff, Daddio.

I have a 35# and a 50#, sometimes I’ll squat with both. But low reps.

I’m seeing so many articles for bodyweight training since the covid hit.

We need to send some Jazzercise tapes to @mutineer


But only if it’s smooth Jazz. I’m afraid I’m at the Kenny G stage at the moment.


Trail running in the Shawnee NF this weekend. Elliptical is my new go to at home. A love hate relationship.


no, just the 50 lb X25 reps

my wife is the CEO of the ymca…they’re closed…but my buddy is the maint man there and also my work out buddy…i put together workouts for us since about last august…

he started out not being able to do shit…now he can easily surpass or keep up.

w/ me everyday is leg day…i love and am addicted to working out legs.

today is pyramid day. 600 lbs on the hip sled…X5, take a plate off each side, 10 reps, take 2 plates off…15 reps…take 2 plates off…20 reps…then 30 with no weights…your legs are jello when you’re done…
but get this…no breaks or hanging out…while one is on the hip sled the other is doing a pyramid set of lat pulls

then in between sets it’s either core routine as mentioned up above or 3-5 minutes on the row machine.

lunges around the track are 2-3 times per week and they fucking suck…i hate doing the lunges around the track.

i hurt my shoulder two years ago rafting…we did a big overnight trip on the clark fork river…i had 3 kids on tubes tied to my raft…and my wife and i and then all of our gear…it took all my strength to get us away from a damn downed tree that would have sucked us all in…and now i can’t do pull ups!


That first workout you listed is nuts. I worked through about 3/4 of it with a 35# bell.

I’ll need some elk meat and stem cells to get up to two rounds with a #50.


I’ll take some elk stem cells too, please.


my goals are not putting on muscle…i’m already at the strength i need to be…now it’s just about working the slow and fast twitch muscles and the pyramid is perfect for that…

last night’s routine is once a week…then it’s mainly free weights and cable work…my buddy hates hip sled days…we literally can’t walk down the stairs to leave the builidng…i’m very lucky right now as my buddy and i are the only two in the whole gym. we are not flaunting it or sharing on social media…the y is kind enough to let me work out and i don’t want to fuck that up!!!

the planks are the fucking worst!!!

Do this for 60 seconds…flex all the muscles…


I started working from home two years ago and joined a gym right away, but with gyms closed for a while and now the lakefront in Chicago closed as well, I’m afraid I will look like Ry-Ry when it’s all said and done.


If we did those then Balv would try to mount, stuff, butcher, and feed us to his family (and not necessarily in that order).


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


you must lick it, before you stick it.


By the way, the Nazi board software wouldn’t let me reply “NTTAWWT.” It complained that it wasn’t a complete sentence and wouldn’t post it. This after I was informed this morning that the system had advanced me to “regular.”


i still look like ry-ry…

i’ve been on anti-depressants since early october…life just got to be too much and counseling alone was not cutting it…the only side effect i’ve noticed is weight gain…i can’t lose weight at all…

couple that with social drinking…and poor eating habits…well, thank god i work out cause i’d be in more trouble.

i am really missing playing squash right now. i’ve been driving around town searching for a good brick wall to hit against :slight_smile: