Exercise thread


Exercise is a great tonic against depression. Your core and quad strength must be absurd.

I try to plank every day for at least a minute.

I got deep into jump rope and effed up my mcl on my left leg. I used to be able to do 6-8 pistol squats easily on each leg. Now I fall over on my left side, when I pistol squat. I’m trying to rehab it with wall squats. Good exercise talk, homie.


I love jump rope too

That was part of our routine till I hurt myself!!!

It was such a good part of the set we used to do

Tonight between sets we did the row machine for 5 minutes…



Have you done this challenge? I got through all of it doing squats with a 35# kb, but I can’t get very far with pushups (2 minutes max).

It seems like such an efficient way to work out. Under five minutes. I bet you’ll get closer with the pushups than me. You have to do a static hold and not rest on the ground for the “down” sections.


but i’m always looking to bring new stuff in.

right now we are sticking to the current weight, routine and such…i’ve add the row machine in.

i know for sure i am getting stronger in my legs and other areas. the pyramiding has helped a ton and i’m not as sore!!!


I’d be curious about your thoughts/experience with this.

I’ve been seeing more articles about isometrics (holds with only body weight), more time under tension.



last night…a two part routine (it’s usually 3 but we have both been pressed for time)

Row machine= 2 minutes and you HAVE to get 500 in 2 minutes…anything less you’re a pussy…

6 plates on the hip sled (540 pounds)…X5
5 plates X 5
4 plates X 10
3 plates X15
2 plates X 20
1 plate X 25
no breaks in between…person 2 is doing

lat pulls
150 lbs X 5
140 X 10
135 X 15
125 X 20
110 X 25
95 X 30

70 sec plank
30 foot catches and throws…bring your feet up to your partner and he catches and throws em as hard as he can down to the floor…
60 sec plank
40 v-ups

Row machine 1 minute


180 X 5
170X 10
160 X 15
150 X 20
140 X 25

Calf raises in between person 2
30 normal, 30 toes out, 30 toes in (5 sets total)

50 second plank
25 russian twist with 12 lbs med ball
40 sec plank
50 crunches



Jesus, are you training for the Olympics?


i’m training for my 40’s!!!

i’ll never be the best or the biggest but i love the sweat and pain that comes w/ a good workout.


So you’re getting a younger girl friend and a sports car?


No way dude


I bet his DMs on here are out of control from all the ladies (2 +) after reading that routine.

Calf raises in between person 2
30 normal, 30 toes out, 30 toes in (5 sets total)

I hadn’t heard of these. THANKS.


The single calf raise on a stair with a kbell is also really good and isolates the calf



Here’s a guy you might like. Quads that won’t quit and a absurd love of burpees.


I was planning to go out for a long walk in the woods to look for morel mushrooms this morning. Sadly, when I got up and looked outside most of the 4” of snow we got yesterday was still on the ground.

I guess I’ll walk on this stupid fucking treadmill again.



i am doing both!!!


Good strategy. Pass the Moose tracks please.


I’m on a grease the groove kick, where you do a middle volume of reps and a lot of sets, but the sets are spaced throughout the day.

Yesterday I did 4 sets of 75 squats (bodyweight) throughout the entire day (so 300 total). My left knee is feeling a lot better.
Earlier this week I did 4 sets of 25 pushups one day, and 5 sets of 5 reps of a 50# single shoulder presses throughout the day.

You get more reps in, plus you aren’t sore.

I know that Balv has been pulling 5 pensioners on a sled everyday and he’s working his way up to putting 5 pensioners plus their oxygen tanks on a rickshaw. Dude has the quads of Thanos, obviously.


I’ve walked just under 164 miles in 45 days, not walking 6 of those days due to weather.

My knees are well improved, my lil butt is returning, I sleep well, mostly, and I’ve lost 9 pounds. It’s been great for my mental health and, overall, this is the best I’ve felt in quite some time.


Excellent news.

I hope to start walking routinely as well.