Exercise thread


“Big fucking deal” - The Proclaimers




Weight or miles?


miles. monkster is walking a lot


Good job, Monkey! I’m pretty jazzed for my daughter to go back to school (tomorrow) so I can start working out during the baby’s naps again. I was in a good groove with it, but it totally got derailed when she was here, 20 minutes was too many minutes to ask for. It’s crazy how fast your stamina goes in just a few short weeks. I mostly use the treadmill now for putting the baby to sleep at 1.7 miles per hour. :sob:


Thankfully, my son is older and doesn’t want anything to do with his lame dad when he’s home so I have no excuse to not be active.

The weather has been all over the place this last week so I am seriously considering buying a treadmill now. :frowning:


I love it. If you have any anxiety about falling on ice, it will save you so much stress. We keep ours in the basement so it’s always cool where you’re using it too.

Edit, more detail: I actually bought mine on Amazon four years ago so I didn’t have to worry about procuring it either. I put it together myself as a 4’11" person who weighed 100 lbs, and it was not hard. Let me know if you want the link to the one I bought, it’s still working perfectly.


Actually, yes, that would be cool. I really am looking for something as minimalist as possible though.


They’re actually really worthwhile, especially when it’s inclement.


Mine is several generations back (5.2) so they don’t make it anymore, but here’s the most recent model from the company.


A row machine and pull up bar are nice additions to any home gym


@nick Is the Jake Paul v Ben Askren fight on your radar at all?


Not really. I mean I hope Paul gets his head battered, but I won’t be watching it. I am not a fan of these side show bouts (McGregor vs Mayweather, Tyson vs Jones Jr).


Monkey continues to walk a lot.

I lost a toe nail yesterday. I am sure you wanted to know that.


Ha! And sorry. My understanding is that some professional runners actually have their toenails removed for some reason.


@monkey Would you ever do something like this? I bought into the tulip one to get myself excited about going out for walks with the new baby in a few weeks. I like trinkets, not sure what the fuck I’ll do with a collection of fake marathon medals, but excited to acquire them…. I have a fixed speed bicycle that I am not in good enough shape (I mean, at least I wasn’t in 2019) to ride for more than six blocks, but I have a training mount in my basement, so I’m planning on doing the 100 mile in France on my fixie this winter in the hope that I’ll be able to actually ride it outside further than three blocks in 2022. Want to do the Scotland and the Pacific Northwest one too, but just walking. There was a time when I easily walked 35-40 miles a week (working retail), and once I’m not pregnant anymore, I want to make sure I’m on the move. I really appreciate being able to move now that I see how much I took it for granted… never again.


@saf , @monkey deleted his account. I hope he comes back. We were chatting on social media yesterday and he told me. He is still walking.


Please let him know I’m thinking about him and that I’d way rather have him around than some stupid thread about finding rare RA recordings.



we need @monkey and @Ely_Plains to come back!


Jeez monkey, gotta keep fighting against the pricks. Don’t just walk away.