Exercise thread


How would one delete their account? I’ve never seen that option in my account/user status.


my friend and i and another friend of his would compete on the fitbit challenges. i really loved it. we’d see ourselves getting to 30,000 and even 40,000 step days!!! i forget how many miles that is…but it’s 10 easy and we’d do that on the regular…
this post inspired me to reach out to my buddy and i told him to dust off that old fit bit and i just bought a new one (old went went tits up).

here’s to some challenges.


Maybe you and me can do something when I’m totally healed up. :slightly_smiling_face:


for sure!!! i’ll let you know my fitbit info when I get it all setup again!

I think lb was on there at one point


Easily, I do about 4.5 miles per 10000 steps


that sounds about right! i remember one day it said i walked 15 miles!


Takes me a week mind :rofl:




I walk my dog daily. Living in the sticks has it’s benefits. I can walk her in the fields & woods on the mountain we live right next to. But, living in the sticks also has it’s drawbacks. It’s been sticky hot/humid & I’ve been wearing shorts on the walks. We must have deviated from our normal paths & what not & trampled through some patches of poison ivy. My legs from my knees down to my to ankles are covered. And it’s quite itchy & very uncomfortable. I ended up going to the doctor & they prescribed Prednisone. The over the counter sprays just weren’t working.


fuck man. i never want to experience poison ivy


Ouch, my sympathies


No clue. His name does not show up when you tag. You have to type manually.


Sounds horrible. Hopefully it starts to reduce soon.


Will do


I’m starting to see some results from the prescription medication for the poison ivy.


I used to get poison Ivy at least once a year. Nasty stuff, and I have sensitive skin anyway. Nothing EVER worked for me other than skipping to the chase and going on the prednisone.

My mom mentioned that her “allergies” are much better when she takes a half a Zyrtec tablet every night before bed.

I started doing it because my mom is rarely wrong about such things… and I haven’t had a severe case where I had to go to the doctor since. It just makes it so it doesn’t itch as bad and therefore goes away quickly.

My mom is pretty much a genius on all things medical.


Perhaps, when he returns he will be a new & improved Monkey. Like the one on South Park. A creature far superior to man… The Four-Assed Monkey.



I ended up using my Garmin instead. I like the analytics on it better, even though I had to talk my husband into getting one just so I can do challenges with someone. Huge difference in resting heart rate measurements though. My Fitbit consistently clocked me in the mid to high 60s while my Garmin claims I’m a gold medalist in cardio at 43 bpm.

I’m moving pppppppretty slowly these days but on purpose. Wearing the baby, doing two walks a day. :slight_smile:



i’m loving the fit bit. my resting heart rate has been good!!!
last week was awesome as I went on a long as overnighter backpacking trip in glacier park and then we head out tomorrow for another 5 day backpacking trip!!!

i think fitbit is great and I love the interface…but I feel it pads your “steps” and thus mileage.


Yes, that was definitely my experience too, the steps being a little too optimistic. Jawbone was the most stingy about steps, I couldn’t even get it to recognize walking when I pushed a stroller, but Garmin doesn’t make me swing my arms to count steps. With my Fitbit I constantly had to correct times I was driving and even sometimes knitting being logged as walking.