Exercise thread


I got up early and played 36 holes of disc golf at Meyer Broadway in Three Rivers. They have two 18 hole courses and the South course is very challenging, especially from the long tees. Six of us played doubles then four of us stayed for the second 18 on the North Course. That is a difficult course as well and a longer, more open challenge… especially when the sun started blazing. By the time I finished I was spent. Really good workout for an old man like me.

Meyer Broadway


I was going through my photos from today in history and got a pretty strong reminder about how important it is to stay hydrated.

2020 today vs. today today

Drink up!


do you do mud masks or anything? I’m wondering what other variables are part of that fresh face.


do you ever try iv therapy or have you looked at hormone therapy?

I’ve done IV therapy and I’ve booked a consult for the hormone therapy in late sept

kind of excited to see what can happen.

i personally like to drink a ton of water and coconut water and liquid iv and other electrolyte stuff.


Honestly the only thing I can proffer is that I was drinking white wine at the time I took that first photo. I don’t want to admit it, but drinking is terrible for my skin. I don’t have a skincare routine, my skin likes to be left alone. In the winter I use coconut oil to moisturize.

@thebalvenie no way! I am super paranoid about that kind of stuff, but I also drink Liquid IV on days I feel like I need to. It’s a great emergency thing to have on hand especially when breastfeeding. Hydrant and Nuun didn’t hold a candle to it!


well i’ll let you know how my hormone therapy goes. they do my bloodwork …etc and then implant some kind of super duper pill into my buttcheek. yay!

try this…it’s spendy but it is the best hyrdation drink out there…


Are you low T, bruh?

I’ve never had my levels checked, but I almost started crying when I watched that clip of Elton John complimenting James Hetfield (who almost started crying) about “Nothing else matters” being one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

I should probably get checked.


i don’t know!!! shit if i know. but I do care.

generally, I feel pretty good. I’m not sluggish or lack the motivation to get out of bed.
I’m gonna see what it’s all about and see if it can improve my life


How often do you move your bowels?


you first.


Every time I move, they’re part of me.


This isn’t chess.


or Game of Thrones. :toilet: Bishop takes throne.

Once a day. I’m going more plant based as I get older. I think you can wreck your colon with sitting and red meat.


by sitting do you mean actual sitting or do you mean by not being regular?


I like how this thread has turned into Shit Chat.


yes, sitting, at a desk, for hours at a time, which isn’t Balv’s situation. He’s line dancing with elders in different facilities as he changes CFL bulbs, which sounds like the fountain of youth, so I’m surprised about the interest in hormones.


the interest stems from my wife. she had it done and is loving it. so I thought…what the fuck.


ya welcome.


This is actually a friend of mine (Tommy is quite a colorful character) – makes it seem so easy, doesn’t he?


Is it really juggling with just one object?