Exercise thread


for sure. seems like good fun


Still loving the cycling. I’ve averaged about 170 - 220 km a week since it got warm enough. 2 days ago I did 120 km in one day. Not doing much running this year. No way I could do 30-40 miles a week.


just got back from the park with a couple of buddies actually…in the summer we go throw the frisbee about once a week or so, they are kinda the sedentary type but for some reason they don’t see it as exercise so it works out for everyone, as long as we grab beers afterwards they’re game.


I play in a disc golf league. It is actually pretty good exercise. Walking 18 holes carrying a bag full of discs and making around 60 throws is a decent workout. Both of my hips hurt after playing, even though I don’t notice it at the time. When you throw you use your legs, hips, back, shoulders and arm. Also the putting especially takes great concentration.

I had my best round of the year this week. Missed a put that would have given me an even par on the round.

I’m not super competitive and don’t practice like most of the people in our league, I do it more for the exercise and camaraderie.


the frisbee football league is where the cardio is at.

i’ve never played actual Folf

but i imagine it’s a decent way to get drunk in the woods


You can do that too.

I’ve been known to sneak a beer or two in my bag… among other things.

I used to practice Ultimate Frisbee with the club team from Calvin College. That was a pretty physically demanding sport. We even played Guts back in college, kind of a stupid sport where you’d line up and throw discs at the other team as hard as you could from relatively close range and they had to catch them.


I’ve been doing Convict Conditioning for about a month. Progressive calisthenics (body weight exercises).

No, Balv, there aren’t any shower routines. You can see the progressions here

I’ve put on 5-7 pounds.


There’s an ex-con who was leading classes in that kind of thing in a park in my neighbourhood a couple of years ago. Somebody shot him during class. Apparently “taking a bullet” was part of the course.



keep it up ely!!! good for you man.

i’ve taken up running and now that the cocksucking snow is gone i am gonna take to doing trail running…lots of good hills around here for that


If you do enough one legged squats you could probably take a .38 to the gluteus and still continue the class.


Ely, you swole?


Ha, 155, 5 11’, so not swole. Give me three months and I’ll be an emaciated version of “White Panther.”

You ever do lunges when you walk your dog?


God no. I walk him in the dark at 6am. The gear I wear for the weather is ridiculous. If I started lunging I’d probably get shot.


It’s a great idea, though. I might try it when it gets warmer. Nothing wrong with a better butt.


Do you reside in a hood where twerking is understood, but lunging might be misinterpreted? Just trying to connect the dots…Does your dog have to wear a zip code appropriate bandanna color to not start static with residents? Somehow I didn’t picture PacNW this way.

Oy. Great for the knees too.


Oh no, my neighborhood is white as hell which is why they live in fear. By shot I mean my neighbor Bob who likes to mention he has a gun whenever possible.


Bodyweight training is my favorite. I did two muscle-ups, but I’m not sure if I can ever do them again, because I’ve been climbing rope too much and I have climbers elbow.

Working on my L-Sits. Still got the pistol squats. This guy below makes me want to injure myself in the pursuit of handstand push-ups.


i hiked my ass off and climbed a shit ton of boulders and caught some fish…


Someday my vacay life will more closely resemble Balvs. Until then…


when it does…you know who to call.