Exercise thread


Where did you go, rod?


the mountains!


Could you be more specific?


Gorge Lakes in the Pioneer Mtns…close to Dillon, MT

was here a mth ago and my buddy couldn’t make it so he wanted to go this past weekend…so i said sure :slight_smile:
it’s a tough hike…it’s 4 miles UP the whole way and the last mile is straight up like a fucking himalayan goat crawl…with big packs…we brought 45 lbs of beer up there between 4 of us.



So you just left all your beer cans up there in a pile?




pack it in.
pack it out! :wink: winky face slap shot horn blow shoulder pat cup check


I was just kidding, I think I know you well enough to know you don’t litter.

But I also know Montana doesn’t have a BEVERAGE CONTAINER DEPOSIT LAW!

In Michigan we’ve had this wonderful law since 1976, and you never see cans left anywhere. I think it is great, even though beer and other drinks are more expensive to buy with the deposit added.

Quite often I gift big bags of empties to people I see at the grocery store redeeming them that look like they have been out collecting them because they really need the money.

When I was in Colorado years ago I went on a hike up in the mountains and there were Coors cans all over the place… it kind of made me sick to see such a beautiful place with all that litter.

I still wonder why other states don’t adopt similar laws?


god that would be fucking great. we do recycle here at work.
montana doesn’t recycle glass. wtf?


In Michigan we have deposits for plastic or glass bottles as well as cans. They are all worth 10 cents.

We go to the grocery store and stuff them in machines that tally how many and spit out a slip that you take with you and get reimbursed at checkout.

We’ve had the law here since 1976. It just seems so normal now that when I visit other states I’m baffled as to why they don’t have the same thing. Probably big beverage companies lobbied to block such laws elsewhere.


we as a family and community here would utilize the shit out of that. missoula is like a mini portland w/ more female hairy armpits/legs

that would be nice to be able to do that and feel good about something.

we do have people that come pick up compost…that’s cool


More hairy legs and armpits than Portland?


Oops, sorry I see I’ve derailed the content once again.


hahaha. no you didn’t. i did when i posted about hiking and fishing. but it is a high form of exercise.

let’s continue talking about can deposits and such…

our foodbank is fucking awesome here…they will drive around businesses and then take all their pick ups and package them into meals…
so let’s say they get chicken from my place and then pasta from another and maybe cheesecake or veg from another…boom…they put it together and seal it and get it to the needy.

first class facility…plus i coach the ceo’s kid in softball and they’re some of my favorite people…and her husband is a fly fish guide


That’s awesome.

I used to volunteer at Meals on Wheels here in Kalamazoo. Our bowling team would meet there on the days when they needed extra help and sort and organize the meals. We would stage all the bags for each driver. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we would have to package 5 meals in each bag. Other holidays too, and on about every Friday… we could wrap it up in about an hour and my old company used to let me go as public service time.

Our Team name was/is Who Cares. We made up our own bowling shirts that said Who Cares Cares.


Seriously. That’s what stuck with me too.


As someone who enjoys calisthenics and makes fun of Crossfitters, this was good news.


Got out for a little trail time this morning. My mental health is directly correlated to my time and ability to be outside. I rolled an ankle 2 weeks ago and it set me back both physically and cognitively. Glad to be out again.

I had a good running year. Ran 1,828 miles, 255 runs, and 121,654 ft vertical climbed. My goal this year is 2,000 miles.


My husband is the same. He’s very unhappy if he can’t get his runs in. Glad you’re back at it.



and yuck!


Before the holidays I was doing Pavel’s “Grease the Groove” for pull ups. Got up to 14.

Got sick and tried 2 weeks later. Could still do 14.

I like running, but I don’t have the time. Hit the HIIT jump rope.

I also got one of those weight belts so I can dangle a ketllebell (35#) between my legs and do pull ups, dips, etc. I tried climbing the rope hanging from my poplar tree and only got halfway up with my kettle scrotum. It’s hell on your grip. I’m still not jacked, though. Just stronger.


I don’t know if anyone does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or watches the UFC.

My 7 year old is in a MMA class and I show him some JiuJitsu outside of class. It’s hard to know what’s appropriate because they are 7 year olds.

Well, I showed him how to do a leg triangle, which is a choke and a submission, but a less direct choke.

He set up a perfect triangle on a kid, who is bigger and misbehaved, and the bigger kid tapped out and looked shocked and confused. It might have been the proudest moment of my life so far.