Exercise thread


awesome man.

now we need to get that kid in the squash court and make a man out of him.



I think he’s been through enough, I wouldn’t want him to start down the road of gender reassignment.

Back to the triangle, I felt bad because my son deployed this move on a less-experienced kid a week later and the kid didn’t know he should tap to get out. Luckily my son stopped his triangle. I felt bad for a few days after that.

Not all kids know about tapping out.


Wait, were you talking about my kid OR the kid he submitted?



your kid.
but i was kidding.

mma is awesome dude. leads to a life of discipline and a hard work ethic.


I occasionally watch the UFC. I can handle it in small doses. Dana White is a huge piece of shit, which makes it difficult.

I love boxing, though. I boxed for awhile. I was a Golden Glove state champ.

That said, I don’t know that I want my kids to do it. Finn has expressed interest, but I know how hard it is on your body. My kidneys were shit there for awhile. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be good for a kid with a heart condition.


I have two daughters. My oldest decided to play tennis at school on a whim and I supported her. The first day she told me she was going to tennis practice I mentioned that she didn’t have a racquet when she was walking out the door. I grabbed an old wooden relic off a nail on the garage wall and handed it to her.

We went out that night and bought her a proper racquet - she said her teammates laughed at the wooden one.

By her senior year she had worked her way up to #1 or 2 singles. I was and still am very proud of her.


dude. that’s awesome. takes some skills and grit to be a golden gloves state champ!!!


You should see if there is a Krav Maga school near you. They do striking and grappling.

Or see if there is a BJJ school. My son is in Krav, but he’s clearly more interested in grappling. I’ll probably enroll him in a school that does Muay Thai/Judo/BJJ, but offer classes focusing on BJJ.

I miss playing tennis.

Did you have a nickname as a boxer?


No nickname for me.

Another sport I love is wrestling. Again, I’m not sure I want my kid doing that either. I have nephews that wrestled. Watching them have to sit through Thanksgiving and not eat is misery. If my kids could do it and not have to diet I’d be all for it.


They need to update the uniform for that. The main reason I thought wrestling was weird was the singlet or unitard. They should let students wear leggings, shorts, and tight shirts.


a fun little story.

This is when I was like 15 or 16. I boxed at 139lbs. Like most boxers, I fought for an old man. He was awesome. His grandson, George, boxed with me. He was a twat. He’d spar like it was a title fight. I was the better boxer.

Once we were sparring and the little twat’s dad (my coach’s son) was there. George always wanted to show how tough he was when his dad was there. (true story…George once told me his dad fell down six flights of stairs. I asked him how he kept making that turn on each flight) Coach and his son didn’t have the best relationship. George’s dad also didn’t like me. He was like “get him. get him!” We get tangled up by the ropes. He hits me from behind. I was pissed. My coach was like “keep cool.” It happened again like a minute later. Coach looked at me and shrugged in a “I don’t care. Have fun” kind of way. I beat the living fuck out of the kid for the rest of the round. Just body shots. The kid’s dad says “George, you going to let him do that?” George was a ginger not known for his keeping his cool. George comes at me all crazy. I hit him in the body once again and then a big uppercut. George falls through the ropes. Keep in mind, our ring was only like a foot and a half off the ground. His dad doesn’t even check on him. He comes at me and coach. Coach tells him to leave. George’s dad tells me to pick on someone my own size. (George was 15lbs heavier than me).

George’s dad wants to box me. I’m in. He only outweighed me by like 20lbs and was like 20 years older than me. But he was a smoker and dumb. Like in a “we don’t need to wear headgear” kind of way. I beat the fuck out him for like two minutes before my coach just stopped it all. My dad comes in and George’s dad tells him “your kid is an asshole.”


They are slowly transitioning to exactly that. The idea is to entice more of the out-of-shape kids to give it a try. It’s a good idea. When my nephews do AAU, most of the kids are out there in something like this…

The singlets are safer because you don’t have to worry about your fingers getting caught.


Running/Jogging is the worst exercise for anyone. Bad for knees and joints. A 22 year old who does this every day won’t be able to walk by the time they turn 40. I suggest people do strength training and other forms of cardio such as bike riding. Bike riding really builds your leg muscles without putting as much pressure on your joints. A lot of people are amazed at my legs.


I’m more amazed that you still have feet


Yeah, that’s not nice to speak things like Diabetes over people. Especially when it’s not true.


Wouldn’t it be not nice especially when it is true? Wait, don’t answer. I don’t care.


Running is terrific exercise and I’m always rooting for runners, especially older ones, when I see them on the road.

As a runner, I’ve had things thrown at me, plenty of name calling from cars, and even the ‘run, Forrest run’ catcalls that seem to make a certain type of person happy to yell. Oh well. Few things compare to running in 2-3 inches of falling snow on a quiet evening. It’s pure peace.


Or running before sunrise in the dark. It’s an incredible feeling.


At 48 I still run 35-45 miles a week. Your information is bunk. Go away please.


What is your blood pressure normally? Mine is a tad high , around 135/85. But my pulse is usually 62. At the Dr it is 140/90 so they put me on a diuretic. Oh, well maybe it’s the Lord’s way of telling me something.