Exercise thread


Usually 110/60, pulse is generally. 48 - 52 beats per minute. I’m fairly active.

Does high blood pressure run in your family?


Go away please.


Why do you think I’m a troll?


Yes, my Daddy has it. But he is almost 85 years old. He has to take a heap of medications, though. My mother had low blood pressure but died at 52 of cancer. Funny how that worked out.


I am not going to engage you or debate you. Please go away.


On the radar for me…

A team of three of us are running the KT 82 mile trail relay on June 1st. It is split up for teams of 6, but we decided to do it as a team of 3 runners. We are figuring out our segments today, and things are starting to feel real.

The week after on June 8th I am running the R.U.T.S. - Run under the Stars endurance run from 8pm to 6am.

Things we do for “fun”. :grin:


What’s your resting heart rate? Beats per minute.


Resting 12 month average trends around 54. It can drop to in the 40s for periods in the late afternoons after running, or after events.


used to be good. right now it’s at 60


Mine are usually in the mid 50s. Glad you two are healthy!


a couple months ago it was low-mid 50’s
lack of gym and poorer eating habits have not helped!!!

i wanna move in to this new house and then get a better routine!


I have a friend who does serious speed work and his averages around 44. That said sometimes he can become light headed if he gets up too fast and black out. Not sure that is a good thing…


I don’t think either of you need to lower your resting heart rate.

I had to think about that for a moment, but it makes sense.


A number of years ago, after a year of Marathon training, I had to have my heart checked and wore an overnight Holter monitor. The lowest heart rate it recorded was 36.


I’ve been all about this lately (all body weight exercises). The shoulders/back ones are surprisingly hard.

I’m probably not eating enough though.


So, there’s a transgender athlete, who is 6’2" and over 200 lbs and he/she his crushing it at Handball in Australia.

She could probably benchpress me five times.


very nice.

i do a variation of this but i need to up my game. i will get back in there and try something like this…but for now…it’s so damn busy i can’t get in the gym.

my routine consists of various exercises:

1st set: 25 squats, 12 push ups, 20 lunges, 25 dips, 75 calf raises, 10 pull ups, SPRINT QUARTER MILE, abs
2nd set: more or less the same
3rd: same but w/ a shit ton of box jumps
4th: same but w/ box jumps and/or jump rope
5th: final set and same but w/ box jumps

i like that by the end you’ve sprinted a 1.25 miles


Looks intense.

I also have less time to exercise, but you don’t need a gym for the Darebee exercises. Exercise is odd because when you feel the least like doing it…you always feel better after doing it.




Pulse dropping again. Happy about that.
Taper week. Hitting Tunnel hill trail on Saturday for a 40 miler. Two good friends are training for a 100 miler in November, and I told them I would pace them over night then. So I will be hitting most of their long training runs until then.