Exercise thread


I’ve been doing these at work (at least once a day). My lower back pain is almost completely gone. Not full bridges, but the harder variation where you walk down a wall with your hands and then back up again.


I really should be doing this…


The lower back muscles are probably the most important and most neglected set of muscles.

You do these you fix your posture, reduce risk of injury, feel overall lighter on your feet, and relieve the strain from sitting at a desk (I have a standing desk).

I’m sure it would allow you to run longer and sip tea with better posture.


I need to try this. Hopefully won’t brain myself.


Start with the half-bridges and work your way up. It’s great to roll out of bed with less pain.


I’m at the point where I’m going to admit that I enjoy disc golf tremendously. I’m starting here because this is a safe, supportive environment. :wink:


folfing is the gateway drug to Squash


Yeah, fuck all the frisbee golfers.


It’s disc golf, guys. Please respect the openness and bravery it takes to finally realize what I am.


Being associated with disc gold raises your risk of having “vape” related illnesses by a staggering percentage.


i think we can say that about ANY of the activities and exercises you do


I’ve been a disc golfer for decades. There’s no shame. It’s a great sport, and even one that an old fuck like me can still play and be reasonably competitive at.

I shot a 58 in my league this week, which was my second best round of the season. We play all the holes as par 3’s and we are playing from the short tees.

I have been ignoring the idiots making fun of it forever.


Go Ely! You do you.


3 people are on a plane that’s going to crash and there are only 2 parachutes. I am one of the people followed by a disc golfer and someone who plays squash. I don’t tell the disc golfer or squash player that there are any parachutes, take both and jump out of the plane.


I need to get in workouts, and I hate jogging, walking on a treadmill and that stuff.

I’d much rather be out in the woods hiking, throwing a disk using my legs, back, arms and shoulders. There’s usually a good bit of hill climbing, bending, lifting and carrying involved. I’ve always been competitive and If I can turn it into a game it will keep me coming back to try to improve my “score”.

Also I can sip on a beer and take the occasional puff and it won’t bother anybody.


I get my exercise in the old-fashioned way.

I put on a clown mask and beat homeless people with bats.

Call me a romantic, I guess.


WillieCash meet mrgay. Gay meet Willie. .


Dougo makes me proud to come out. I don’t know why I felt ashamed.



Report back on the admissions policy for disk golfers when you have a chance.


I’d rather suck a dick than play disc golf.