Exercise thread


Anything to help y’all come out!


Well yeah me too but that doesn’t make disc golf bad.


Well, in an either/or situation…


aren’t you bisexual?

so win fucking win


That’s not the point.



so, you’re continually looking for positions to put yourself in wehre you get to suck a dick!



Balv next time you come to Seattle, I demand we meet up for a squash match! I work around the corner from SAC now, so no excuse! I also don’t know how to play, but have racquetball experience.



Yeah, this retort doesn’t have any sting coming from you.


I remember when my university started a lacrosse program, and I asked if they had established a new date rape goal in the strategic plan. Good times.


Consider it done
I’ve played there a bunch :slight_smile:


There are 4 public disk courses in town. Apparently it’s a thing, and has been for longtime. They hold off on throwing when I run by or through on the trail. I take it as sign of coexisting.


Most disc golfers I’ve met will be very conscious of others in the area… They just built a single-track mountain bike trail that weaves its way through parts of two courses at a park near me. Nobody wants to hit anyone with a disc, ever.


If you had said that in 2019, you would have been put on administrative leave.


Not to speak of


My 5 year old is in Krav and during the wrestling part of the class he rear leg-triangled a larger, beefier kid.

I only drill triangles with my 8 year old, so this came out of the blue.

P.S. these pics aren’t of my kids.

I came back to this thread bc I thought of Nick’s boxing story.


your kids are beautiful!


I guess the Camel Clutch - or the sleeper hold is a good one to teach kids too.


i’m more of a banana split guy


We know


or a hot fudge banana nut whip…mmmmmmm