Faithless Bird list.


Now you’re just making shit up.


Seen from the train leaving Chicago. Multiple flocks on the Illinois river. :baby_chick::hatching_chick::hatched_chick::bird::penguin::rooster::train2::metro::bullettrain_side::metro::station::tram:


i saw me a chester buffed nettle buster

i did seen it i tell ya!


For Monkey -


Must have been a migrant


Made me work for it.


I have a friend who painted a picture of a Bufflehead for the Michigan Duck Stamp competition several years ago and they had 100 lithographic prints made of his painting.


they had a Michigan Duck Stamp competition and you didn’t tell us about it?


spotted the brown titted nipple twister this morning.

fuzzy little fucker!


This just flew into my office.


i love it!

The Montana State Bird!!!

The Flying Middle Finger


I thought that the Montana state bird was the cunt?!


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in the woods today.


I’m no twitcher but I’ve been checking in regularly on this live feed of an osprey nest. It’s in Latvia, near Riga, where I’ve been once. Not far from Russia.

I’ve seen some great stuff. Highlights being I was there when the male brought back a still wriggling fish. This morning I also noticed there was suddenly a second egg! I’m so proud. I read that they lay 2-4 eggs and incubate for about 6 weeks. So it’s all going to start happening. Very slowly.

Sometimes I think there is no parent there, but then I realise they are standing on the camera.

It’s a great one for the Chromecast. Sound quality is good too.

The local time is down the bottom of the screen.


The double buffed red titted sparrow is back!


The Rose-breasted Grosbeak thinks you made that one up.



coopers hawk while hiking last weekend.

keel-billed toucan a few months ago (belize)


I once saw a flock of keel-billed toucan flying through the forest at the Lodge eco resort on Chaa Creek in Belize. Amazing experience.

Coopers are fun sighting as well. We get to see them with some regularity here.


My house is rife with hummingbirds, crows and Stellerjays.