Faithless Bird list.


chaa creek…i’ll be damned, i’m assuming you were in san ignacio which is where i saw my keel-bill as well.


Yep! :slight_smile: Pretty amazing area/place!


Lots of tits in my garden this weekend.




Hen party?


Love a good bushtit


it’s a real bird party in my front yard the last few weeks. 5-6 kinds of birds, plus the bunnies that live under my deck and a few squirrels all eating in harmony on the ground and some on the feeder.

we’re buying a big bag of bird seed like every week, but it’s worth it. My cat lays in the bay window staring at them.


saw me two pink buffle-headed grackles this morning

and just 1 yellow tailed gnat-catcher


We have two nests in the car port, a robin and someone else. Babies in one now.


I just read a report from a long tailed bullshitter.


We have a nest with robin babies on the back of my house too.
Baby was on the patio and the mom was trying to feed it when I walked out there with my dog and she got upset. Hopefully she got over it. :bird: :baby_chick:


I saw a blue-veined throbber cruising in and out of the birch trees.


Last year I noticed a couple of turkey buzzards near work. Last week I walked out and there was 5 of them. The office backs onto a golf course so I guess they find a fair share of dead critters.


We have a cardinal that has made a nest in the bush right next to the garage door.

We are trying to remember to never turn on the outdoor lights that are about 12 inches away from her nest.


You paint quit a picture there…


This bird comes around every winter.
It’s a Daurian Redstart.

According to wiki:
“The Daurian redstart (Phoenicurus auroreus) is a small passerine bird from temperate Asia.”


Looks like a Baltimore Oriole! :blush:


Here you go, bird nerd @grimlithics :bird:
Another bird that you can only see in Asia.

According to wiki:
“The brown-eared bulbul (Hypsipetes amaurotis) is a medium-sized bulbul native to eastern Asia. It is extremely common within the northern parts of its range and can be found from southern Sakalin to the northern Philppines.”


Here are better pictures of the Daurian Redstart (thanks to a better camera, thanks to @Monkey aka David’s penis)


Not a very good picture but I saw an Oriental Greenfinch yesterday.
I’ll try to get a better picture next time, @grimlithics :bird: