Faithless Bird list.


I saw a blue jay the other day




Saw this bird today, a Naumann’s Thrush. Not a very good picture, I don’t have a lens for birding…


We haven’t had birds on our feeder in months. I guess bc it’s winter? But all the food started to clump so we dumped it and cleaned it and started fresh.

Just woke up to a cardinal on the feeder who was joined by a blue jay and a woodpecker. Three identifiable birds. Then three more bluejays showed up!! :bird:


Saw this bird for the first time today.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me…:cry:

Blue rock thrush:


I saw a female bull-headed shrike today.
Another bird that’s new to me. I took some pictures but it was too far away. :expressionless:


We saw a group of Trumpeter swans yesterday. We also saw a Woodcock, Greater White-fronted Geese, Canadian Geese, Mallards, Buffleheads, Northern Pintail, Pileated woodpecker, and various unidentified dabbling ducks.


I saw a Japanese sparrowhawk
(one of these)

being attacked by a Japanese crow today while they were both flying!
(one of these)


I saw a great tit today:


i saw a pink titt last night


Yeah. We all have cell phones here.


I have a wife


Don’t let her get hold of your cell phone then.


you won’t find nuttin’ but fat hairy guys on my searches bro.

titty free since 2013!!!


Saw a Japanese white-eye this morning:


The migrating North Texas Smug Prick:


Ever elusive!!!


That species is indigenous to North Texas.


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Bard owl across the street from our house.