Faithless Fashion Show


For my 45th birthday I wanted something pretty unique and between my wife getting me a poncho styled after the one in “Fistful of Dollars” and one of my friends who is extremely talented at crafting they were able to put something together for me which is now my favorite possession.

While I am fairly certain I currently live up to its ridiculousness, I hope to someday live up to its coolness!


The flag in the background is hanging because my birthday party was a celebration of all the holidays we missed together because of Covid. We put up a Christmas tree in the living room, Halloween decorations in the dining room, Independence Day in half the back yard with Easter in the other half, St. Patrick’s and Valentine’s Day in the bathrooms, and NYE in the kitchen. We did the midnight countdown, sang happy birthday to everybody, and had an Easter Egg hunt with eggs filled pot candy and mini servings of magic mushrooms.




That is Pancho is SWEET! Sounds like good times. Happy Birthday!


Does it have pockets?


Just holsters


That’s how I picture every day in your home.


That poncho is ridiculously cool. I’ll bet you reside like a motherfucker in that!

A well-made article of clothing for sure Nudie Cohn would be jealous.


very cool willie!


This sounds fantastic. What a nice idea. I love the poncho!


I love it too.


I’d love to get my hands on one of the FOD ponchos, they only seem to have fancy dress ones in the uk


I made one out of a vintage Pendleton throw. I only wear it around the house in the winter but frankly over a black dress and the right shoes it would pass as formal wear, plaid and all. Definitely not a Halloween costume…. But Jesus Christ stay away from the sink or eating in a poncho, they’re just about the most impractical garment imaginable. Definitely not what I would wear in a gun fight.


Is that a real poncho or a Sears poncho? Hmmm, no foolin’.

Reminds me of this…


Please don’t get in a gun fight. :slightly_smiling_face:


That looks ace :blush:


That looks amazing!

I’m pretty sure I am just going to be drinking, sitting, and maybe taking a few psychedelic trips in mine :slight_smile:


We’ll see…


It isn’t exact. The FOD one has a horizontal head hole, but this one is vertical.

If you wanted to pay me for it from Amazon plus shipping I would gladly order one for you.


Thanks for the kind words, everybody!


Boy, I wish!


That’s a very generous offer that I can see me taking up, thanks