Faithless-Street Dropbox


I don’t know.
I don’t listen to his music but Kees likes him so he might be someone you’ll enjoy listening to.
TBH, I don’t listen to 99% of the stuff I put in the box. :stuck_out_tongue:






Woah. Is that in the box? :grin:


It sure is!


thank you!


So excited


@LBSUNFLWR & @DougoBlue




Are you still listening to Jackie Greene? I put this in the box for you:



Thanks. I haven’t listened to him much lately but I still think he’s cool. So I’ll check it out. :hugs::peace_symbol:


I like the song Modern Lives.


This? I haven’t listened to Jackie Greene in years.
Just listened to it and it sounds just like Jackie Greene when I used to listen to Jackie Greene!


Yeah. I like that animated video too.


In the box:


Thanks uv!




A request? I want to make an Isbell mix but I am shot on albums. All I have are Something More Than Free, Southeastern, That Nashville Sound, Here We Rest and Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit. Any chance someone could drop whatever else there is for a day or too.

smoochies in advance.


sure. I can also drop my Isbell mix :slight_smile: maybe you can just listen to that.


That would be sweet. Thank you!


it’s uploading to box now.

Certain songs have been left off intentionally bc I’m just kinda sick of them. Also, this is a balance of songs from all albums and DBT songs, and it’s cut to fit on one CD. I could make a volume 2 with all the songs I left off . I am still working on a Live Favorites where I can use some different songs.